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This is accessory information to make it easier to run the game.

The Character Sheet

Here’s the link to the character sheet.

Here’s a link explaining character creation.
(I intend to convert it to a wiki page ASAP.)

You’ll also want to glance through the headers for the Character Creation section of Maginomicon’s House Rules Document to see whether there’s anything in there that applies to you (such as all classes getting 2 extra skill points per level, or all full-BAB classes getting Spot and Listen as class skills).

Assume your character owns at least one outfit of normal clothes. Pick any one of the following clothing outfits for free: artisan’s outfit, entertainer’s outfit, explorer’s outfit, monk’s outfit, peasant’s outfit, scholar’s outfit, or traveler’s outfit. Note however that NPCs may make assumptions about you based on your clothing or equipment. Also assume that all PCs have an apartment (with all of the basic amenities, including internet access) somewhere in a settlement near the location where they entered the game which requires no noteworthy monetary upkeep, so PCs can store things in their apartment if needed.


Armor Class (AC) Roll = 3d6 + PC’s AC modifiers
Attack Maneuver Check = 3d6 + PC’s CMB mod
Attack Maneuver Score = 11 + NPC’s CMB mod
bon = bonus
Caster/Manifester Score = The NPC equivalent of a caster/manifester level check; 11 + NPC’s caster/manifester level + modifiers
CHA = Charisma
CMB = Combat Maneuver Bonus
CMB mod = BAB + STRmod + special size modifier (use DEXmod instead of STRmod if you’re Tiny or smaller)
CMD = Combat Maneuver Defense
CMD mod = BAB + STRmod + DEXmod + special size modifier + misc modifiers
CON = Constitution
Defend Maneuver Check = 3d6 + PC’s CMD mod
Defend Maneuver Score = 10 + NPC’s CMD mod
DEX = Dexterity
Effectiveness Check = The player version of a save DC; 3d6 + DC modifiers [spell/power level + ability modifier]
Fortitude Score = The NPC version of a Fortitude saving throw; 11 + NPC’s Fortitude save modifier
FP = Fortitude Points; Save points that represent your immune system.
INT = Intelligence
mod = modifier
Passives = A set of always-active abilities that grant an automatic success against very low DCs relevant to that Passive.
Press Your Luck = An optional choice a player can make whenever rolling a 3d6 which makes the result more random but have a potentially greater pay-off.
Reflex Score = The NPC version of a Reflex saving throw; 11 + NPC’s Reflex save modifier
RP = Reflex Points; Save points that represent your reflexes.
Save Check = Done after failing a saving throw and losing some save points.
Save Points = Three gradual defenses that represent your internal reserves against detrimental effects.
Save Scores = The NPC equivalent of saving throws.
Spell/Power Resistance Check = The player version of determining spell/power resistance; 3d6 + [(SR or PR) – 10]
STR = Strength
Strife = A gradual defense that represents stress.
Weapon Type = A number that represents the conversion between the d20 threat range and the 3d6 threat range.
Will Score = The NPC version of a Will saving throw; 11 + NPC’s Will save modifier
WIS = Wisdom
WP = Will Points; Save points that represent your willpower.

Appendices TODO List

This section contains a list of things that should go into various kinds of appendices.

  1. Write an appendix containing a table of the SP progressions of all prestige classes that grant their own spellcasting, and describe the exact method by which all spell point values have been determined for both standard classes and prestige classes.


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