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Hypertech Creatures

Most complex technological objects in this setting are in fact completely-inorganic technological constructs without the living construct subtype or any modes of personal transportation (such as legs or wheels). Unless the technological construct has the hypertech subtype, the construct may at GM’s discretion possess vulnerability to electric energy.

Hyperion-created constructs that have an intelligence score (including intelligent items such as some Item Familiars) all have the Hypertech subtype.

Hypertech Subtype

Creatures with the hypertech subtype have adequate shielding against electomagnetic fields and as-such do not possess the vulnerability to electric energy inherent of minor electronics. Other than that the Hypertech subtype doesn’t do much, but certain effects (such as charm hypertech ) specifically affect creatures with the hypertech subtype.

Hypertech Horrors

Clockwork Horror (MM2)
Battle Horror (D302 69)

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New Creatures

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