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Dual-Discipline Powers

Dual-discipline powers, featured in this book for the first time, have effects that encompass two distinct disciplines. In all cases, treat these powers as if they belonged to both disciplines simultaneously. Unlike dual-school spells, dual-discipline powers do not restrict who can take them (unless they’re on a psion discipline’s restricted power list). Benefits that apply to a psionic discipline do not stack with themselves even if the psionicist can apply them to both psionic disciplines.

Psionic Illusions

All psionic effects with an illusion subschool (figment, glamer, pattern, phantasm, shadow) are treated just like effects of that subschool, although they aren’t spells and aren’t magical in nature. Several spells from the illusion subschool have been converted into powers. Most of them are Psychoportation (figment, glamer, pattern, or shadow) powers where the psionicist is projecting something from his own psyche into the physical world. Some are Psychometabolism (glamer) powers where something has been modified to produce an illusory effect. Finally, a few are Telepathy (pattern or phantasm) powers which focus on fooling the subject’s mind directly. Use GM discretion on whether an effect that mentions “spells of the illusion subschool” (which only applies to magical effects) should instead say “effects with an illusion subschool” (which would apply to both magical and psionic effects).


Psionic Counterparts

Certain magic items have new psionic counterparts. If an item includes a spell prerequisite, but the effect of the item does not directly implement that spell, then a psionic power of similar flavor can be substituted. If the item replicates a spell effect, then only the psionic version of that spell or a psionic power that replicates the same effect can be used to satisfy the prerequisite. For example, a character can create a helm of teleportation using psionic teleport as a power prerequisite, or energy burst as a power to create a necklace of fireballs.

Things like spell traps, wand bracers, eternal wands, etc. that are worded as magic can also be converted to psionics without much trouble. The details for how to create psionic traps can be found in Dungeonscape p138.

There’s a list of psionic counterpart items in the SRD. You can craft psionic versions of these items with the associated psionic feat and manifester level. The psionic properties of a crystal ball, pearl of power, or dull gray ioun stone do not function.

Magic Item Source Psionic Counterpart Price Notes
Minor Schema Magic of Eberron, page 122 Cube varies Can also store infusions, but not magic-specific infusions. Prerequisites: Etch Schema
Scepter Lost Empires of Faerûn, page 8 Dendrite varies Requires Craft Dendrite instead of Craft Scepter
Helm of Telepathy (SRD) Psionic Helm of Telepathy 27,000 gp Prerequisites: Craft Universal Item, read thoughts, psionic suggestion
Eternal Wand Magic Item Compendium, page 189 Eternal Dorje varies Prerequisites: Craft Dorje, Craft Universal Item, the power contained in the eternal dorje
Any non-spell ioun stone (SRD)


Psion/Wilder Powers

1st-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Comprehend Languages, Psionic: You understand all spoken and written languages.
Detect Psionics: You detect the presence of psionics.
Floating Disk, Psionic A: Creates 3-ft.-diameter horizontal disk that holds 100 lb./level.
Force of Mind: Control a small object, container, or opening.
Prestidigitation, Psionic: Performs minor tricks and incorporates mending.
Transmit Thought: You contact a creature and send them a single emotion or image.
Unseen Servant, Psionic: Invisible force obeys your commands.

2nd-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Detect Magic, Psionic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Force of Mind, Reflexive: Instantly control a small object, container, or opening.
Make Whole, Psionic: Repairs an object.

3rd-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Glibness, Psionic: You gain +30 bonus on Bluff checks, and your lies can escape magical discernment.
Psychic Sight: Psionic auras become visible to you.

4th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Aura Sight A: Reveals creatures, objects, powers, or spells of selected alignment axis.
Mind’s Eye A: Invisible floating eye moves 30 ft./round.

5th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Dispel Magic, Psionic A: Cancels magical spells and effects.

8th-Level Psion/Wilder Powers

Dispel Magic, Greater, Psionic A: As dispel magic, but +20 on check.

Psionic Artificer (and Artificer) Infusions

2nd-Level Psionic Artificer Infusions

Charm Hypertech: Manipulate a hypertech creature.

Psychic Warrior Powers

1st-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Detect Psionics: You detect the presence of psionics.

2nd-Level Psychic Warrior Powers

Detect Magic, Psionic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.

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Recommended Powers

Open Chakra, Psionic (all versions)
Almost all magic items can be bound to a chakra. By opening a chakra, you get access to an additional ability with all magic items that can be bound to that associated chakra.

Psychic Vampire
This power destroys 2 power points per manifester level from a touched psionic creature, otherwise does 2 damage to a mental ability score of your choice.


Communals are rituals used by psionicists and non-psionicists alike to create psionic effects.

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Ablative Armor

Any power or psionic effect that grants an armor bonus can be modified at the manifester’s option to be of an ablative variety.

Astral Construct Power Armor

It was discovered that you could encase yourself in your astral construct if you could manifest it at a sufficient size.

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