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This chapter describes classes and class variants that are unique to the Hyperion Voyages campaign setting, although they don’t have to be used in just this setting. For example, the psithief is a new class which is essentially a straight conversion of the spellthief to psionics. There are also improved classes that are given more abilities for fluff or balancing. It’s highly recommended that you enforce these class improvements in a Hyperion Voyages campaign.

New Classes

Psithief A psionic counterpart to the spellthief.
Psychic Adept This psionic NPC class is a dabbler like the magewright and adept.

Class Changes

Improved Bard The bard becomes more about expending bardic music to cast.
Improved Battle Dancer and Improved Monk These classes become competent melee debuffers.
Improved Divine Mind Inspired by the Diablo 2 paladin, this class gains a number of aura improvements.
Improved Factotum This powerful mundane class gains psionic abilities and clarifications.
Improved Samurai This more-historically-accurate samurai is a dedicated horseback archer.
Improved Shadowcaster The shadow mage becomes able to recover their abilities very quickly and without needing rest.
Improved Sorcerer The sorcerer gains access to all metamagic for which he qualifies.
Improved Soulknife This class gains rudimentary manifesting abilities and a psionic connection to his mindblade.
Mundane Characters Gestalt Classes that don’t get prestige class progression gestalt (merge together).
GM’s Note: There are a large number of other miscellaneous class fixes.

Other Class Variants

All class variants described in Unearthed Arcana are allowed except for the Planar Banishment variant and “Generic Classes” (since Generic Classes are far too underpowered to be worth it normally, and they’re already used for cyberspace). Here’s a list of some allowed variants that aren’t in the SRD or otherwise described in another section.

  • Artificer Variant: Psionic
  • Barbarian Variants: Ferocity, Berserker Strength
  • Druid Variants: Shapeshift
  • Fighter Variants: Alternate Fighters
  • Monk Variants: Invisible Fist, Wild Monk, Chaos Monk
  • Paladin Variants: Alignment Variants
  • Ranger Variants: Mystic Ranger, Wild Shape Ranger
  • Sorcerer Variants: Divine Companion, Divine Sorcery, Domain Access
  • Spellthief Variants: Trickster, Spellskill
  • Wizard Variants: Wizard of the Sun and Moon, Filidh, Anagakok


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