Pathfinder Combat Maneuvers

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In a nutshell: This includes grapple, disarm, trip, etc. and some minor additions.

Read this for more details on each maneuver.

  • CMB mod = BAB + STRmod + special size modifier
  • CMD mod = BAB + STRmod + DEXmod + special size modifier + miscellaneous modifiers
  • PC Attack Maneuver Check = 3d6 + CMB mod
  • PC Defend Maneuver Check = 3d6 + CMD mod
  • NPC Attack Maneuver Score = 11 + CMB mod
  • NPC Defend Maneuver Score = 10 + CMD mod

The special size modifiers are as follows:
Fine –8, Diminutive –4, Tiny –2, Small –1, Medium +0, Large +1, Huge +2, Gargantuan +4, Colossal +8, Planetary +16, Astronomical +32.


In addition to the strangulation rules presented in Dragon Magazine #355 p84 (use both the attack roll bonuses and the bonus damage), every time you elect to deal damage with a strangulation grapple, you remove a number of additional rounds from their breathing time up to your Strength bonus. For example, if your strength bonus is +1, they immediately lose one round of breathing time, and then they lose another round of breathing time on their initiative as-normal. If your strangulation drops them to 0 rounds left, they must immediately start making suffocation saves as-normal.

Tripping and Throwing

Add the following to the grapple rules:

Any time you could do damage as part of a grapple, you can throw the creature you’re grappling to the ground by tripping them. Use the normal rules for a trip, but because the target is grappled, they have a -4 penalty to DEX and an additional -2 to their combat maneuver defense (this does not count as trying to grapple or escape the grapple). If your trip is successful, you deal double your normal grapple damage (half on a successful reflex save, the DC is your combat maneuver attack roll), the target is prone, and you end the grapple.

If you have the Fling Enemy feat (Races of Stone p140), every 10 ft you throw an enemy also deals double your normal grapple damage (half on a successful reflex save as above) when they hit the ground. They can take additional damage mid-flight as follows:

  1. If you throw an enemy into a wall with at least 5 hardness, the wall deals damage as if it were fall damage appropriate to the distance cut short from your throw.
  2. If you throw the enemy onto or against an object, they take double whatever damage would be dealt by that object. Treat the damage dealt by an object the target is thrown against as equivalent to an improvised weapon of its weight (as seen in Complete Warrior p159), and being thrown into it pushes it back as equivalent to you making a bull rush against that object (which has a CMD of 0, +5 for every 100 lbs of the object’s weight).

Pathfinder Combat Maneuvers

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