Alternative Class Feature Descriptions

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Alternative features which are generally taken only at your first character level regardless of class are marked with “[ARF]” for Alternative Racial Feature. All others are marked as “[ACF]” for Alternative Class Feature.

See also: Alternative Class Feature Chaining

Holocunning [ARF]

Instead of being trained to recognize unnatural stonework on sight, you’re trained on how to recognize holograms.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype

Replaces: Stonecunning (such as from being a dwarf)

Benefit: This ability grants a +2 racial bonus on Search checks that would involve noticing holograms masquerading as normal objects, such as walls, floors, ceilings, and the like. Coming within 10 feet of a hologram you can see triggers a passive Search check, and they can use the Search skill to find traps as a rogue can if the trap involves a hologram. If a hologram is “intermittently unstable”, you automatically recognize it as a hologram if you move within 20ft of it and can see it, regardless of your search checks (you must still be able to see the hologram). You can also intuit the exact location of the source of any hologram you notice if that source is within 100ft of the hologram, but this requires an intelligence check (DC 10 + 1 per 10 feet that the source is away from the hologram).

Hyperion Collegiate [ACF]

You had a Hyperion college education and continue your education after leaving university.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype, 1st level only.

Replaces: All bonus languages.

Benefit: For each bonus language you would gain from an Intelligence bonus, you instead gain three degree points. If you spend two skill points on the Speak Language skill (one if it’s a class skill), you instead gain another degree point. The maximum number of degree points you can ever have left unspent is equal to 2 + one-third your total class levels (rounded up).

Whenever you gain a degree point (including at character creation) or whenever you gain a hit die, you may immediately spend them. You can spend one degree point to gain the Specialized trait, even if you already have it, even for the same skill as another Specialized trait, and the penalty from any of your Specialized traits does not apply to your other Specialized skills.

If you spend three skill points (one if it’s a class skill), you can still gain a language as normal. This represents that Hyperion colleges don’t emphasize foreign language studies unless it was a part of your degree.

Normal: You must spend two skill points (one if it’s a class skill) to gain another language from the Speak Language skill.

Hyperion Schooling [ARF]

Crafting and appraisal are less used in Hyperion space, so racial training in those skills is often replaced with skill in hypertechnology.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype, 1st level only.

Replaces: Some or all of any racial bonuses to craft or appraise (regardless of the scope of those bonuses); see benefit text

Benefit: Gain an equal amount of an overall racial bonus to Knowledge (Hypertechnology).

Hyperion Talent [ARF]

A Hyperion without the psionic subtype from their race may at their first hit die opt to take this feature.

Some otherwise-non-psionic Hyperion characters have a tiny spark of psionic power which allows them to take advantage of the most basic benefit of the psionic subtype: expending psionic focus to “take 15” on a Concentration check such as to aim.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype, 1st level only, not having the psionic subtype from your race.

Replaces: Nothing; see benefit text

Benefit: You gain the Wild Talent feat (and with it the psionic subtype and two power points but no ability to manifest psionic powers). Additionally, whenever you do not have psionic focus, you take a -1 penalty to all saves that had a “good” progression on your character’s first hit die. You are allowed to take the Wild Talent feat one more time (at any time you would normally have the option to do so). If you ever gain a character option that would without this benefit permanently grant you the psionic subtype (such as gaining the Wild Talent feat again, or the Hidden Talent feat, or a psionic class level), the power points from the Wild Talent feat for this feature stack with any new power points and you no longer take the -1 penalty to saves for not having psionic focus.

Special: Some races don’t become psionic until after their first hit die (such as the Thri-kreen racial class). It’s legal for them to take this ARF at first level, and once they gain their psionic abilities it counts as granting the psionic subtype from a character option.

Hypertech Empathy [ACF]

Some Hyperions with an empathetic connection might instead connect with hypertechnology on an empathetic level.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype

Replaces: Wild Empathy (such as from being a druid or ranger) or City Sense (such as from being an Urban Druid)

Benefit: This feature functions just like Wild Empathy, except that your neural implant or cyberghost must have at least 1 hit point for this feature to function. You can subtly influence constructs of any subtype or creatures related to Hyperion technology in some way. Hypertech empathy grants a +2 insight bonus to these checks. Additionally it grants a +3 morale bonus on these checks if the influenced creature has the hyperion or hypertech subtype (such as a typical Hyperion civilian).

Luddite [ACF]

Almost all hyperions are literate, even if they would normally be illiterate. However, in those cases they’re just really bad at using hypertechnology.

Prerequisite: Hyperion subtype

Replaces: Illiteracy (such as from being a barbarian at 1st level); see benefit text

Benefit: You do not automatically gain the normal one rank in Knowledge (Hypertechnology) at first level and cannot make Knowledge (Hypertechnology) checks (even passively) unless the DC would be 5 or less. If you later gain a rank in Knowledge (Hypertechnology) or gain a level in any non-luddite class, you automatically remove this restriction. A Hyperion character who gains this feature after 1st level simply eliminates illiteracy, gaining no other benefit mentioned here.

Signalfinding [ACF]

You’re adept at locating and identifying Hypertooth Interfaces and Cyberspace Access Points.

Class: Rogue or Psychic Rogue (or any class or option that that grants the rogue’s trapfinding ability).

Replaces: Trapfinding.

Benefit: Creatures with this ability (and only those creatures) have an instinct through experience of where well-hidden wireless signals are likely to exist. By using a Hypertooth Interface, they can use the Search skill and Knowledge (Hypertechnology) skill to locate and correctly identify the signals of Hypertooth Interfaces (and subsequently their Cyberspace Access Point if they’re equipped with one) when the task has a Difficulty class higher than 20.

Relieving Display [ACF]

For one of your spellcasting classes, you relieve a bit of stress when you have a specific thematic display accompany your spells.

Class: Any class which grants access to 0-Level spells.

Replaces: 2 ZP permanently (and one 0-Level spell known, if you cast 0-Level spells spontaneously) from the chosen class.

Benefit: Work with your GM to determine a thematic display (such as rainbows, ravens, etc.) for your magic from the chosen class, as well as when you want the thematic display to change. When you cast a spell, if you specifically describe how that thematic display appears unique to that spell, you immediately remove 1 strife + 1 more strife per spell level of the cast spell.

Alternative Class Feature Descriptions

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