Astral Construct Power Armor

( ⇪ Psionics )


It was discovered that you could encase yourself in your astral construct if you could manifest it at a sufficient size, forming astral construct power armor. Anyone who manifests an astral construct, regardless of whether they have the Skin of the Construct feat, can connect themselves to or envelop themselves in their astral construct. However, if you do have the Skin of the Construct feat, you can grant the temporary hit points and Menu A option to your astral construct instead, on top of its own abilities. No matter what option you choose, you can choose to physically break free of the astral construct power armor, destroying it from the inside, as a move action.

Ecto-Appendage (Smaller Than You)

If the astral construct is of a smaller size category than you, you can choose to form it around a small part of your body. You are limited to the menu options for flying (usually around your torso) and swimming (usually around your legs). Furthermore, the astral construct must have sufficient strength to be able to pick you up and carry you using its movement modes (check the rules for encumbrance). You and your possessions count as one-quarter their weight for encumbering the astral construct. The astral construct is otherwise essentially vestigial, losing its attacks and other movement modes.

Ecto-Suit (Same Size As You or Larger)

If the astral construct is of the same size category as you (or larger), you may choose to form it entirely around your body with holes for your face and arms. The astral construct retains its own arms and threatens the squares around it as if you weren’t inside of it.

In this form, you cannot yourself take actions that require moving to a different square since it completely covers your legs and feet (move-actions that don’t involve changing your square, such as using the Psionic Meditation feat, aren’t restricted). Instead, the astral construct can take those kinds of move actions for you on its initiative (which is always the same as your initiative anyway). Like an ecto-appendage, you and your possessions count as one-quarter their weight for encumbering the astral construct.

Your hands and face are still exposed and you are free to use effects which require those be free with no loss of dexterity. However, retrieving something from inside the body cavity that would normally take a move action instead takes a full-round action that doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. Anything that would require a free action to retrieve instead takes a move action that doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. Enemies must make called shots to hit your head or arms directly.

You still must make reflex saves (as does the astral construct if it would be affected normally), but take no special penalty. Reflex saves that would only depend on where your feet are (such as acid floors, etc.) require a save from the astral construct but not you.

Ecto-Mecha (Larger Than You)

If the astral construct is at least 1 size category LARGER than you, it can be formed entirely around you leaving no holes for anything other than a spherical bubble inside which you sit. Like an ecto-suit, you count as one-quarter your weight for encumbering the astral construct, and can’t take any actions that move you to another square. However, line-of-effect is broken between you and outside of the astral construct since it has you completely sealed inside. If you need to breathe, you have enough space inside for two rounds worth of air for each size category the astral construct is larger than you before must hold your breath as normal. The translucent body of the astral construct doesn’t disrupt line-of-sight to you or from you.

Astral Construct Power Armor

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