Clarifications on Skills

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GM’s Note: There are new skill uses unique to this setting as well as other uses for many skills imported from other books .

All classes that have a BAB progression get Spot and Listen as class skills.

All classes get two extra skill points per level.

To attempt use of a skill, such as Heal or Craft, you must have the materials or tools on-hand to accomplish that use of that skill, and have a reasonable justification for how you can use that skill for a given task. If your materials or tools are improvised or damaged, you could take a penalty to the roll (usually a -2 but could be more steep) at GM’s discretion.

If you want to craft something, purchasing raw materials requires that you have access to a town or other settlement that reasonably might have those materials. You can, of course, purchase those materials ahead of time or acquire them as treasure (it’s reasonable to presume in areas with sentient monsters that they might have raw materials lying around from their own crafting projects). For the sake of simplicity, raw materials for a particular crafting project weigh as much as the end result.

In the RAW, the Craft (Alchemy) skill is only accessible to spellcasters. This an outdated throwback to 3e, where there was a trained-only skill called Alchemy that only appeared on the class lists of spellcasters. The skill system doesn’t work that way anymore, so I’m house-ruling that taking ranks in or making a check for Craft (Alchemy) does not require being a spellcaster.

Any creature with Intelligence 3 or higher can trade out some class skills at their first level in that hit die (wizard, outsider, exemplar, etc.), as shown below (or vice versa). This trade can only happen in one “direction” for a given first level in that hit die. For example, you cannot trade away Handle Animal for Gather Information and also trade away Sense Motive for Survival. For example, you might be learn to be a monk from an ascetic in the wild and trade away Sense Motive for Survival. Then you might learn to be a ranger from a city slicker and trade away Handle Animal, Knowledge (Nature), and Ride for Gather Information, Knowledge (Local), and Tumble.

Trade away… …to get…
Handle Animal Gather Information
Knowledge (Nature) Knowledge (Local)
Survival Sense Motive
Ride Tumble

Clarifications on Skills

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