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Communals are the psionic equivalent of incantations, except that they use “Knowledge (psionics)” as the typical skill check involved. Only a psionic creature (a creature with the psionic subtype) can participate in a communal. Replace all mention of “arcana” in the incantation rules with “psionics”. Thus, secondary manifesters can attempt the skill checks that are not for “Knowledge (psionics)”. Each summary below specifies the aspects of an incantation associated with a particular discipline.

Discipline(s) Base Requirements
Metacreativity and Psychoportation DC 30; Range: Close; Target: One creature; Duration: Hours (Instantaneous for teleportation subschool); Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless); Power Resistance: Yes (harmless).
Clairsentience DC 30; Range: Long; Target: Personal; Duration: Minutes; Saving Throw: None; Power Resistance: No.
Telepathy DC 32; Range: Close; Target: One living creature; Duration: Minutes; Saving Throw: Will negates; Power Resistance: Yes.
Psychokinesis DC 34; Range: Medium; Area: 5-ft.-wide bolt or 20-ft.-radius burst; Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throw: Reflex half; Power Resistance: Yes.
Psychometabolism DC 32; Range: Medium; Target: One creature or 20 cu. ft. of matter; Duration: Rounds; Saving Throw: Fortitude half (often harmless); Power Resistance: Yes.

Charged Communals

Certain powers now require a communal ritual as part of the manifesting process. Rituals became required for many powers because of the reality-rewrite when The Lady of Pain left our reality, and the specifics of those rituals (and whether the ritual had a specialized purpose limiting its usefulness) were discovered over time. There are many powers which are still inaccessible because no one has discovered a ritual to use them again. Attempting to manifest the power without the communal fails without wasting the action, Power Points (PP), or other power components. Unlike normal communals…

  • there’s never more than one skill involved,
  • there are never secondary manifesters,
  • you are not allowed to interrupt the communal,
  • the normal discipline-based DCs are reduced by 10,
  • change the DC based on how the original spell differs from that school’s baseline,
  • other than manifesting time, you don’t change the properties of the power (such as range), and
  • you use the psionicist’s relevant ability modifier and ML for all relevant effects that involve them.

Gaining access to a manifesting of a power that has a charged communal associated with it merely gives you the ability to charge the communal. Having knowledge of the power’s communal procedure is meaningless if you don’t have the means to charge it.

For charged communals, the new manifesting time is either that of the original power or the communal, whichever ends up taking longer. Nothing can reduce the manifesting time of a charged communal.

The charged communal starts at the beginning of the manifesting time, with the number of successes and failures “using up” the original manifesting time or extending the length of the manifesting time as appropriate until the power either fails or succeeds. For example, the identify charged communal requires two successes and so the fourth skill check is the latest check that can have the second success without the power failing (failing two times in a row causes the power to fail just like it were any other communal).

The “primary manifester” of a charged communal must be the person that has access to the power (such as through it being on their powers list or accessible through something such as a dorje). The primary manifester must at the communal’s start give up some PP (or use the relevant tattoo, etc., if PP are irrelevant) as appropriate to “charge up” the first stage of the communal. These communals also follow all of the normal rules for manifesting a power.

Example Communals

Make Elan

Effective Level: 8th
Skill Check: Knowledge (dungeoneering) DC 33, 2 successes; Knowledge (psionics) DC 33, 2 successes; Knowledge (the planes) DC 33, 4 successes
Display: Material and Visual
Components: XP, SM, B
Manifesting Time: 8 hours
Range: Touch
Target: One touched creature with the human subtype
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No

The targeted human must be bound (helpless) and asleep. You must take 1 hour between each skill check, and throughout the communal you must sit beside the target’s bound form and meditate on the nature of the quori and the frailty and impermanence of the human body.

XP Cost: 1000 XP from the primary manifester, plus 500 XP from each of the three secondary manifesters.

Secondary Manifesters: Three required; Throughout the communal they sit in a 20-foot-radius triangle centered around the target and meditate on the the paradox of bodily perfection at the cost of becoming a mental prison.

Backlash: Regardless of success or failure, the primary manifester is exhausted.

Table: Make Elan Planes Backlash
Number of Successes Encounter Description CR
0 1 Tsureva Quori (MoE p147) 5
1 1 Tsucora Quori (ECS p296) 7
2 2 Tsureva Quori and 1 Tsucora Quori 9
3 1 Du’ulora Quori (SoS p153) 11
4 3 Tsureva Quori, 2 Tsucora Quori, and 1 Du’ulora Quori 13

For each Knowledge (the planes) success that has already been made so-far (prior to the failure), consult the table below. That many creatures appear within the triangle and immediately attack everyone nearby, starting with the human that was to become an elan, followed by the primary manifester, then the secondary manifesters, and then any bystanders. If the primary manifester dies or moves more than 100 ft away from where he was when the creatures appeared, or after 1 minute passes, the creatures vanish back to Dal Quor.

Table: Make Elan Dungeoneering Backlash
Number of Successes Effect CR
0 The target takes enough nonlethal damage to drop to unconscious if it were awake. -
1 The target gains the tainted raver template for 1 minute. (The player loses control of the character for this period) +0
2 The target becomes a dolgaunt for 1 minute. (The player loses control of the character for this period) +2

Furthermore, For each Knowledge (dungeoneering) success that has already been made so-far (prior to the failure), consult the table below. If the target becomes a tainted raver (HoH p154) or dolgaunt (ECS p281), it immediately wakes up, attempts to break free (if bound), and attacks everyone nearby.

Special: Requires the “Make Elan” feat (although it can be simulated as part of the process for obtaining the feat).

(This section is a Work-In-Progress)

Example Charged Communals

Your GM can make any power have a communal, but here are some examples.

Identify, Psionic

Level/Successes: Knowledge 2 Successes, Lurk 2 Successes, Psion/Wilder 2 Successes, Psychic Adept 2 Successes
Skill Check: Knowledge (Psionics) DC 33
Display: Material and mental
Minimum Manifesting Time: 1 day
Range: Touch
Targets: One touched object
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No

NOTE: 40% of all multi-use psionic items are self-identifying (MoF p136).

Special: You must take 1 hour for each skill check.

Knock, Psionic

Level/Successes: Lurk 2 Successes, Psion/Wilder 2 Successes, Psychic Adept 2 Successes, Psychic Rogue 2 Successes
Skill Check: Knowledge (Psionics) DC 33
Display: Material
Minimum Manifesting Time: 20 minutes
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target: One door, box, or chest with an area of up to 10 sq. ft./level
Duration: Instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No

True Seeing, Psionic

Level/Successes: Lurk 5 Successes, Psion/Wilder 5 Successes, Psychic Adept 5 Successes, Psychic Rogue 5 Successes
Skill Check: Knowledge (Psionics) DC 14
Display: Visual
Minimum Manifesting Time: 50 minutes
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 1 min./level

(This section is a Work-In-Progress)


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