Daily-Use Recharging

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To compensate for the 15min workday and to compensate for the increased play speed, we must rethink how “daily” abilities work. This variant is optional but highly recommended. For some campaigns it will make little difference, while in other campaigns this variant will be a lifesaver.

Abilities that mention a frequency of “per day” or “each day” could qualify for a fast-recharge method. To be clear, abilities that have different recharge periods than expressed in a day cannot be recharged in this fashion (i.e. A pit fiend’s 1/year wish still takes a year to recharge). Spell slots, Spell Points (SP), 0-Level Points (ZP), Power Points (PP), Infusion Points (IP), preparation opportunities, and other traditional non-mundane energies also cannot be recharged in this fashion. Further, these daily-use abilities must be innate to a character (but not within an item) to qualify.

If an ability qualifies, it recharges after a period of continuous rest. Divide a period of three hours by the stated number of uses-per-day (round up to the nearest minute) to determine how quickly the abilities recharge. For example:

  • 1/day = recharges 1 use after 3 hours of continuous rest
  • 2/day = recharges 1 use after 90 minutes of continuous rest
  • 3/day = recharges 1 use after 1 hour of continuous rest
  • 4/day = recharges 1 use after 45 minutes of continuous rest
  • 5/day = recharges 1 use after 36 minutes of continuous rest
  • 6/day = recharges 1 use after 30 minutes of continuous rest

The number of daily uses instead represents your maximum number of uses you can have available at any given moment (much like a SP pool maximum). A Heward’s Fortifying Bedroll and similar effects can recharge Daily-Use abilities in a shorter amount of time.

The “timer” for when abilities begin recharging starts the instant you start being able to recharge them. For most abilities, this is the instant you start resting. However, for some abilities ( such as a shadowcaster’s fundamentals and mysteries), the timer starts as soon as they expend a use of the ability. The time spent must be continuous for the entire duration needed for the recharging of a single use of that ability, and only begins recharging the second expended use of that ability after you’ve finished recharging the first expended use of that ability, etc.

Daily-Use Recharging

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