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One of the greatest innovations in Hyperion society was a method to wirelessly distribute power to Hypertech devices. This technology, called the “Dome-Weave”, enables all manner of modern (by our standards) and futuristic electronics (such as laptops, cars, elevators, etc.) to operate without possessing a battery or other source of power. The Dome-Weave also enables those devices to access an equivalent to our “internet”.

Weave Towers speckle Hyperion settlements and cities, providing overlapping comprehensive coverage with multiple redundant systems so that no one is without power or internet access. Each one is effective for miles in any direction (even through substances that would normally block a signal, such as stone or lead).

Most minor computer-driven systems (such as most consumer electronics) are not shielded against powerful electromagnetic fields. Electric damage applied to an area containing minor electronics damages those objects even if the effect would normally only affect creatures. Effects that target a creature and deal electric damage may instead target a 5-foot cube and the electric damage will only affect electronic objects in that cube (only the electric damage has any effect). Line-of-effect rules still apply as normal.

Some electronic objects may be especially vulnerable to electromagnetic fields and thus are vulnerable to electric energy . Attended objects are still treated as attended objects for the purposes of targeting and line-of-effect.

Anti-IC Torc

250 gp (Item Level: 2nd), 3 lbs. (not counting the battery)

An Anti-IC torc is a device that shields the wearer from the real-world physical damage caused by most forms of Black IC that exist in cyberspace. When such an attack would do damage to the wearer, it instead does some or all of its damage to the torc (bypassing any hardness of the torc itself). The effectiveness of the torc (and the kinds of Black IC shielded against) varies depending on which one you buy, and regardless of which one you buy they’re almost always classified with Illegality Code C. An anti-IC torc occupies the neck body slot.


0.1 gp / 0.5 gp / 2.5 gp / 12.5 gp (Item Level: 1/2), 4 oz. / 8 oz. / 1 lb. / 2 lb.

In response to the need for a mundane power source that could adapt to the needs of the populace, Master Gnome Artificers developed the technology for shapeshifting batteries. Batteries are entirely mundane, and are not magical or psionic in nature. In their normal form, they appear as small dull gray cylinders, but when placed inside of an object that needs a power source, they change shape to meet the needs of the object. For example, if you place a battery inside a mundane lantern, it changes shape and function to be that of a pint of oil until removed from the lantern (at which point it returns to its normal form).
Batteries come in “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”-sizes for capacity, and only operate in basic mundane objects. Regardless of what the batteries power, in-general…

  • A-sized batteries can operate non-stop for 25 hours,
  • B-sized batteries can operate non-stop for 100 hours,
  • C-sized batteries can operate non-stop for for 600 hours but are bulky and so can only fit in certain objects, and
  • D-sized batteries can operate non-stop for 4800 hours but are very bulky and so can only fit in very specific objects.

After a battery’s power is fully consumed, it returns to its original form once removed from the object. Batteries absorb solar energy when exposed to sunlight while not inserted, and recharge fully in twice the amount of time as what has expended. Many electronics are “inefficient” (requiring more batteries of that type) or “superefficient” (either 2X, 5X, 10X, or 100X) meaning they’ll last that much longer non-stop with their specified kind and quantity of batteries.

Command Undead Extender

50 gp (Item Level: 1/2), 2 oz.

This earpiece-shaped electronic device comes in magitech and psitech variations, and allows you to spend Spell Points or Power Points (respectively) to enhance the range of your special connection to your commanded undead, allowing you to more-remotely understand their interpretation of your commands. This device is most effective when you can see the undead, as you can provide the undead with a new command (and thus a different set of concepts) to address its new situation. For this device to function at all you must already have the ability to command undead as well as a caster level or manifester level (depending on whether it’s magitech or psitech).

You may spend the indicated number of Spell Points or Power Points for the listed enhancement:

  • 3 points for “medium” range (100 ft. + 10 ft. / level) for 1 minute / level
  • 5 points for “long” range (400 ft. + 40 ft. / level) for 1 hour / level

Industrial-grade equivalents of this device exist for agriculture, construction, and manufacturing applications, but is too large, bulky, and designed-for-purpose for you to take advantage of using something like that yourself.



5 sp (Item Level: 1/2), 2 lbs. (not counting the battery)

Biological Hyperions and non-Hyperions must use a controller to access cyberspace. A controller is a device that looks like a helmet with clear glass visor, and occupies a body slot as a helmet. A thin slot on the back of the controller allows the insertion of a memory card. When the controller is activated within 50 feet of a cyberspace access port (this activation is a move action which provokes an attack of opportunity), lights on the exterior of the controller glow various colors to indicate to others how safe it is to remove the helmet, and various displays and other information appear on the inside of the glass visor. The wearer must stay conscious and be within 50 feet of the same cyberspace access port to complete the login process. After 30 seconds, the displays disappear, and the wearer’s mind becomes simultaneously present in both the physical world and in cyberspace.

Hyperions can store an avatar’s data inside their Personal AI, while non-Hyperions must possess a memory card on which to externally store their avatar’s character data. When a memory card is inserted into a controller, it’s locked in-place until manually ejected. Inserting and ejecting a memory card are each move actions that provoke an attack of opportunity but do not require taking off the controller. While the controller is logging onto or accessing cyberspace, the memory card cannot be ejected.

You can also use a controller to access text and media files on an inserted memory card, which are displayed in real-time using the controller’s screen and earphones (controlling this functionality is a mental free action).

Hypertooth Earpiece

5 sp (Item Level: 1/2), 2 oz.

A hypertooth earpiece is a device that allows a creature to communicate with the hypertooth interface of another device as if he had a Personal AI. Only one hypertooth earpiece can function effectively for a creature at a time. A hypertooth earpiece does not occupy a body slot, but must be worn around and in the ear and thus cannot be worn while something else is in that ear. Creatures with a Personal AI gain no benefit from it.

Memory Card

3 sp (Item Level: 1/2), 2 oz.

Memory cards are the most common way to store and transfer information digitally. Memory cards can store virtually any amount of personal data. Use GM fiat and current standards for real world memory cards to ballpark how much data a typical memory card can actually store. In-general, a memory card can store and transfer a maximum of 10 Photographic Memories (like the Personal AI ability), one hour of non-photographic experiences (including senses, memories, thoughts, and emotions), or one cyberspace avatar (which takes up the entire memory card).

A memory card visually-resembles and is as pliable as an old “5 1/4 inch floppy disk”, although it’s shaped like and is the size of a credit card. Memory cards are typically inserted into other hypertech devices by sliding it into a slot much like a time-punch-card would be, most commonly personal computers and phones.


8 sp (Item Level: 1/2), 4 oz.

This handheld computer is about half as powerful as a Personal AI, and possesses the Correspond and Know Direction and Location functions of a hypertech bracer. It can last 3 days outside of a Dome-Weave before recharging. If you have the phone on your person and also have a hypertooth earpiece, you can use its built-in mic and earphone to make calls. A phone can also take photos like that of the Photographic Memory function of a Personal AI, except that no check is needed, it takes a full-round action to take a photo that provokes an attack of opportunity, and it can only store a maximum of three Photographic Memories at a time.


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