Energy Recovery Overview

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This section is a summary of how quickly non-mundane energy is recovered.

Table: Energy Auto-Regeneration Pattern
CL/ML After 15min After 30min After 45min After 1hr
1 0 0 0 1
2 0 1 0 1
3 0 1 1 1
4 1 1 1 1
5 1 1 1 2
6 1 2 1 2

If you have a caster level, manifester level, or are an artificer, depending on which energy kinds you access you have some form of energy Auto-Regen, which causes you to regenerate the relevant form of energy points at a rate of 1 per hour per ”Caster/Manifester Level”. Energy point pools that are not a natural part of a character (such as a cognizance crystal) don’t auto-regenerate points in this way. Such classes still recover all energy after a daily rest as normal. Manifesters have a recovery maximum equal to their personal power point maximum. However, Auto-Regen can’t raise SP or IP above 2/3 its maximum. If Auto-Regen raises SP to higher than the 1/6 or 1/2 value it also eliminates exhaustion or fatigue, respectively.

Note: A character with a power point reserve but no actual powers known has no manifester level, and thus will not recover their power power points except through a daily rest.

This table shows 15-minute increments for the sake of convenience. Your GM could choose to only have regen trigger in blocks once per hour on the dot in-game, but if more granularity is desired, the pattern given in red evenly distributes and backloads the regen. The GM could instead have regen trigger in blocks every quarter-hour-mark on the dot, but for even more granularity (and to move the mental load onto the players) they could have the players track their time in blocks down to the minute. Either way, players would simply have to note the in-game time (hour and minute) when they last spent spell points or power points (as you’re counting time from the start of that block, which is a minute or quarter-hour or hour as the GM dictates). The GM should be updating the in-game clock periodically anyway and after every encounter, the extra granularity just incentivizes the players who use energy recovery to keep the GM to task.

For Example: A 3rd-level sorcerer with 0 SP now but a maximum of 9 SP, who last spent spell points at 10:13am but doesn’t want to rest, would at 10:28am (15min later) recover no SP, and recover 1 SP (and all ZP) each at 10:43am, 10:58am (and at this time change exhaustion to fatigue because they’re no longer at or below the 1/6 SP mark), and 11:13am (ending at 3 SP). If they had rested for that hour, they’d still recover those amounts at those times but at the one-hour mark they’d instantly rise to their 1/3 mark (3 SP). In this case, it’s likely better for this sorcerer to have not bothered resting because the end result would be the same but they could get other things done.
Table: Energy Recovery Summary
Energy Kind After 1 hour regardless of rest After 1 hour of rest After 2 hours of consecutive rest
As Prepared Spellcaster No Spell Points (SP) or 0-level Points (ZP) regained. A spell’s cooldown may have expired. All ZP recovered; exhaustion improves to fatigue; set SP to “1/3 maximum” (rounded up) if currently lower. Fatigue removed; set SP to “2/3 maximum” (rounded up) if currently lower.
As Spontaneous Spellcaster Auto-Regen1, so “Caster Level”-worth of SP regained, but non-restful spell point recovery has special limits . All ZP recovered; exhaustion improves to fatigue; set SP to “1/3 maximum” (rounded up) if currently lower. Auto-Regen1 probably triggered before the hour of rest was completed. Fatigue removed; set SP to “2/3 maximum” (rounded up) if currently lower.
As Artificer (Magic or Psionic) No Infusion Points (IP) regained. Auto-Regen1, so “Caster/Manifester Level”-worth of IP regained, but only up to a limit of “2/3 maximum” (rounded up). As an hour with rest, but once again.
As Psionicist Auto-Regen1, so “Manifester Level”-worth of power points regained. N/A (rest is irrelevant) N/A (rest is irrelevant)

1Auto-Regen” means that the relevant points regenerate (see Table: Energy Auto-Regeneration above) with the clock starting when they first spend enough points such that they drop below their recovery maximum (which for spellcasters and artificers is 2/3 their maximum points).

Meta Analysis: Energy Recovery is meant to enable the GM to run a faster-paced modern game where events occur down to the hour or down to the minute like an action movie. As such, strict time records must be kept. Even though Gary Gygax likely wasn’t talking about hours and minutes but instead days and months, an action-movie game feel requires that things come down to the wire to enable more drama. Tracking when any spell was last cast (as day:hour:minute like “1:15:44”) for prepared-type caster cooldown, or when any spell points were spent at all, creates a limit on how much power a character can bring to bear at any given time while not being so limiting that it feels like the encounters are a war of attrition.

Energy Recovery Overview

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