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This article is more of a shorthand reference guide at the moment for quickly determining whether some minor aspect of the game has been tweaked.
Most of the time you come to this article it’s because you searched for a character option to check whether something about it has changed. If the details of the tweak are not mentioned here, it’s detailed in the “Maginomicon’s D&D 3.5 House Rules” document.

Character Option Fixes

Tiny Size Fixes

The Jermlaine and Muckdweller races are tiny-sized, whose strength penalty is pretty nuts without some compensation. Tiny (or smaller) creatures use their Dexterity modifier instead of their Strength modifier for

  • Climb checks (if they have forelimbs and no fly speed)
  • Jump checks (if they have no fly speed)
  • Swim checks
  • Grapple Combat Maneuver attempts (within the limits of what grappling a larger creature can do)

Race Fixes

  • Hairy Spider (available as cohort, not as a PC race)
  • Lich
  • Necropolitan (see the House Rules document about “The Tasked”)
  • Skarn
  • Synad
  • Thri-Kreen (see the House Rules document about “Thri-Kreen Racial Class”)

Half-Humans and Humanlike Races

According to the Player’s Handbook, half-elves and half-orcs are treated as elves and as orcs, respectively, for the purpose of determining various game effects, but not as humans. Other humanlike races, such as the aasimars and tieflings, are described as “humans” with a trace of celestial or fiendish blood, but are outsiders rather than humanoids.

These limitations as-written mean that many options available in the Races of Destiny book are off limits to such races. Half-human and humanlike races should be grouped together with humans as humanoids with the human subtype (rather than their own type-specific subtype). This means that such races qualify as human for the purpose of meeting a prerequisite for a feat or prestige class, for activating a human-only magic item, for adjudicating effects that treat humans differently from other races, and the like.

For most half-human races, this is only a very minor change. Such races retain whatever humanoid subtypes they possessed, while gaining the human subtype. Half-elves, for example, would have both the human and elf subtypes, while half-orcs would have both the human and orc subtypes. Half-ogres would retain their giant type while also gaining the human subtype. Typically, the result is that such races enjoy all the benefits (and suffer all the drawbacks) provided by both subtypes. For example, half-elves could use human-only magic items while still qualifying for elf-only prestige classes.

In the case of other half-humans or humanlike races, this represents a much larger change. Planetouched races descended from humans would change from outsiders with the native subtype to humanoids with the human subtype. Planetouched races that this change affects include the aasimar and tiefling (see Races of Destiny, Chapter 4), the chaond and zenythri (from Monster Manual II), the mechanatrix and shyft (from Fiend Folio), and the genasi (from Monsters of Faerûn). Half-celestial, half-fiend, and half-dragon humans would change from outsiders or dragons to humanoids with the human subtype. Regardless, these characters would retain any traits possessed by all creatures of their original type (outsiders retain darkvision; dragons retain darkvision, low-light vision, and immunity to sleep and paralysis; and so forth).

Elan are reformed humans and Kalashtar are possessed humans, and thus they also gain the human subtype.

Realize that all races listed under the human category of the imported races section have the human subtype.

Class Fixes

See the Class Fixes article.

Prestige Classes

  • Anima Mage
  • Arcane Archer
  • Arcane Devotee
  • Arcane Duelist
  • Chameleon
  • Disciple of Dispater
  • Dweomerkeeper (ask for its Supernatural Spell ability to be rewritten)
  • Geomancer (ask for its Spell Versatility ability to be rewritten)
  • Master of the Unseen Hand
  • Metamind
  • Mythic Exemplar
  • Psychic Weapon Master
  • War Weaver


  • Alacritous Cogitation
  • Arcane Thesis
  • Born of the Three Thunders
  • Carmendine Monk
  • Craft Construct
  • Craven
  • Deceptive Spell
  • Draconic Breath
  • Dragonwrought
  • Eldritch Claws
  • Elemental Envoy
  • Empower Power
  • Empower Spell
  • Explosive Spell
  • Extra Spell/Power
  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency
  • Focused Lexicon
  • Greenbound Summoning
  • Improved Critical
  • Improved Psicrystal: The improvements to your manifester level is referring to the “Psicrystal Special Abilities” table, and your owner level (not manifester level) should be treated as two higher.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike
  • Invisible Spell
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Kung-Fu Genius
  • Leadership
  • Leap Attack
  • Linked Power
  • Metamagic School Focus
  • Metanode Spell
  • Metapower
  • Multiweapon Fighting
  • Ocular Spell
  • Open Chakra
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Practiced Manifester
  • Practiced Spellcaster
  • Precise Shot
  • Precocious Apprentice
  • Psicrystal Affinity
  • Psycarnum Crystal
  • Psycarnum Infusion
  • Reserves of Strength
  • Sanctum Spell
  • Shadow Weave Magic
  • Shape Breath: A change from cone to line doubles the range, and a change from line to cone halves the range.
  • Shape Soulmeld
  • Spellfire Wielder
  • Stunning Fist
  • Track
  • Twin Power
  • Two-Weapon Fighting
  • Versatile Spellcaster
  • Weapon Finesse
  • Weapon Focus
  • Wedded to History
  • Wild Talent


  • Arms of Plenty
  • Celerity
  • Detect Chaos
  • Detect Evil
  • Detect Good
  • Detect Law
  • Detect Magic
  • Detect Psionics
  • Dweomer of Transference
  • Embrace the Dark Chaos
  • Girallon’s Blessing
  • Good Hope
  • Haste
  • Hammer of Righteousness
  • Inflict Minor Wounds: All inflict spells on the shaman spell list are also on the Spirit Shaman spell list.
  • Launch Bolt
  • Locate City: Remove the “Area” line from this spell.
  • Make Whole
  • Mirror Image
  • Poison
  • Shield Other
  • Shivering Touch
  • Shun the Dark Chaos
  • Silence
  • Spectral Hand
  • Wings of Cover


  • Anticipatory Strike
  • Astral Construct
  • Bestow Power
  • Detect Psionics
  • Dispel Psionics
  • Hammer
  • Minor Creation, Psionic
  • Synchronicity
  • Time Hop


  • Iron Heart Surge


  • Ether Reforged
  • Incarnation of Angels
  • Preternatural Clarity
  • Rebuild Item
  • Spell Rebirth
  • Word of Nurturing

Alternative Class Features (ACF)

  • City Brawler
  • Ectopic Ally
  • Immediate Magic
  • Martial Monk
  • Spell Reflection / Spell Sense
  • Spell to Power
  • Spiritual Totem
  • Spontaneous Divination
    • This is similar to how a cleric or druid spontaneously casts a category of spell, just with a broader category, and therefore is not truly spontaneous casting for the purposes of prerequisites.
  • Streetfighter
  • Tracker
  • True Thief

Other Book Fixes

Magic Item Compendium

Page 161: The Glyph Seal is intended to contain a harmful spell, not just any spell.
Page 161: The Greater Glyph seal is for spells of 5th level or lower, not higher.

Monster Manual 3

Errata: It changes the HD for the Salt Mummy to 12d12+36 instead of 12d12+48 as listed in the book (MM3 pp146). However, the Salt Mummy has Unholy Toughness which gives it Cha mod x HD additional hp, which would be 36 (16 Cha for +3, 12HD, 3×12=36), and then in feats it has Improved Toughness which gives it 1 hp per HD, for 12 more. 36 from Unholy Toughness plus 12 from Improved Toughness should be 48 total, making the original book entry correct.

Rules Compendium

Page 42: In the Precision Damage section, the final point should say “A form of attack that enables an attacker to make multiple attack rolls during an action other than a full attack action, such as the Quickened Scorching Ray (Swift Action) or the Dual Strike feat (Standard Action), allows precision damage to be applied only to the first attack in the group.”
Page 92: In the Hide section, where it says “When moving at a speed greater than half but less not greater than your normal speed, you take a –5 penalty.”
Page 101: In the Swallow Whole discussion, it gives the standard interior Armor Class (AC) of any given creature as 5 + 1/2 of its natural armor bonus. It should be 10 + 1/2 its natural armor bonus.
Page 143: The line about splash weapon range increments is wrong, it should be 10ft.
Page 154: The Temperature Bands chart has -50°F to -20°F as extreme cold and -21°F to 0°F as severe cold; obviously, the -20°F and -21°F should be swapped there, to avoid overlap.
Page 155: 15,000 feet is listed as both a high pass and a high peak elevation; I believe high pass elevation should be “over 15,000 feet” instead of “15,000 feet or more.”
Page 183: The “Missing the Target” section has the wrong default range increment for splash weapons. The correct range increment is 10ft.


Hide: (corrected in the Rules Compendium entry for Move Silently) here it says “When moving at a speed greater than half but less not greater than your normal speed, you take a –5 penalty.”
Move Silently: (corrected in the Rules Compendium entry for Move Silently) here it says “When moving at a speed greater than half but less not greater than your normal speed, you take a –5 penalty.”
Druid: (Web) The crocodile is a 1st-level animal companion choice (not 4th).
Vampire: “It can take only a single move action or standard action and is destroyed utterly in the next round if it cannot escape.”

Fixed Stuff

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