Grenade Template

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A grenade is a new kind of splash weapon that contains a spell or power. Mechanically, “grenade” is a template that can be applied on any wand (making a “spell grenade”) or dorje (making a “power grenade”) that meets certain prerequisites. In short, in uses all of the rules for the gun template except as follows.

Rather than a projectile weapon, a grenade is a splash weapon you throw one-handed out to a maximum of five range increments. The range increment options are given in the table below. Unlike normal splash weapons, you activate a grenade by setting its “cook” time, which can be anywhere from 0 (uncooked) to 3 rounds. Setting a cook time of 0-1 rounds is a free action, but setting a cook time of 2-3 rounds requires a separate swift action.

If you set it to 0 rounds, it detonates 3 seconds later or on contact with the first significant surface or object it strikes. If “cooked” for longer, the thrower doesn’t immediately know where the grenade lands (unless it’s obvious); the destination square and attack roll choices and bonuses are determined and noted at the time it’s thrown, but the actual attack roll(s) is not rolled until the time of detonation (or until someone takes a move action to spot the undetonated grenade, and in which case it’s rolled in secret). Also unlike normal splash weapons, to get the grenade to hit something specific, you must roll to successfully reach that square and also roll to hit the touch AC of the target itself (for a cooked grenade, you decide the second attack roll’s variables under the assumption that your first attack roll reaches the square successfully). Missing acts like missing with any splash weapon for determining where it lands.

Only bomb-like and grenade-like effects that could be in a wand or dorje but don’t require concentration to maintain can be grenades. “Bomb-like” refers to effects where some kind of object is delivered through a burst or spread effect that originates and is centered on the user. “Grenade-like” refers to effects where some kind of object is hurled or fired at a destination (which is usually a square), and optionally may have a burst or spread or multi-target or other area effect centered there (i.e. magic missile, fireball, hail of crystals, etc.). Despite the normal definition of bomb-like or grenade-like effects, a grenade is not restricted to effects that describe an object delivering the effect to its target (the grenade is that object) so effects like sleep or slow are also available as grenades (see mentions of bomb-like and grenade-like in the table below). Also unlike guns, effects which take an action shorter than a standard action (such as a swift action) or as long as 1 round to cast/manifest can be put in a grenade, so effects like the stablilize spell can be put in a grenade. Effects which take shorter than a standard action still require the normal actions required to operate the grenade, and an effect which requires a full-round or 1 round casting/manifesting time has a minimum cook time of 1 round.

Grenades do not care about “friendly-fire”, so even if you activated the grenade if you’re caught in the blast radius you’re affected too. Any effect that specifies a number of targets affects the closest legal targets to the center of the blast to the maximum of allowed targets (roll randomly if there’s a tie for farthest remaining target).

A rechargeable grenade recharges like a gun with its number of charges: gp Base Cost of 30 gp, XP Base Cost of 150 XP, 5/day using gp, 2/day using XP, and 3/day using SP/PP.

The market price of a grenade is “30 gp × [spell or power level] × [caster or manifester level], multiplied by the values described in the table below (round down the market price to the nearest 0.01 gp), before finally adding the material cost of “10gp × [spell or power level]” (0-level spells count as 0.5 levels for these calculations). An intact expended non-rechargeable grenade can be recycled into the creation of a grenade of the same or lower level, bypassing that material cost but recycling to a lower level effect permanently degrades the quality of the materials to match. Be aware that the caster level that was set when crafting a spell grenade may be higher than expected.

Table: Grenade Price Modifiers
Circumstances (these are the only options) Market Price Modifier
Has 1 charge ×1
Has 2 charges ×3
Has 3 charges ×5
Is rechargeable (via gp, XP, or SP/PP) ×3
Is non-rechargeable and disintegrates when fully expended ×9/10
Is non-rechargeable and doesn’t disintegrate ×1
Is based on a bomb-like effect ×2
Is based on a grenade-like effect with a “close” range (or a fixed-range within 50 ft) * ×3/4
Is based on a grenade-like effect with a “medium” range (or a fixed-range within 150 ft) * ×1/2
Is based on a grenade-like effect with a “long” range (or fixed-range longer than 150 ft) * ×1/4
Add an Explosive Spell effect (can be applied to powers, see feat for restrictions) * x3
Weight of 4 lbs, and has a range increment of 5 ft ×1/2
Weight of 2 lbs, and has a range increment of 10 ft ×1
Weight of 1 lb, and has a range increment of 20 ft ×3/2
Weight of 10 oz, and has a range increment of 30 ft ×2
* “Fixed-range” here is not talking about the range of a bomb-like effect like Wings of Flurry, but a grenade-like effect whose effective “tossing range” is set at a fixed value.

Here are some typical grenades you might encounter at their minimum caster/manifester level, ignoring Item Rarity.

Table: Example Grenades
Standard Sleep 1 charge, disintegrates, RI 30 ft 37 gp
Rechargeable Grease 1 charge, rechargeable, RI 5 ft 43.75 gp
Rechargeable Sleep 1 charge, rechargeable, RI 30 ft 100 gp
Standard Glitterdust 1 charge, disintegrates, RI 5 ft 60.5 gp
Rechargeable Glitterdust 1 charge, rechargeable, RI 5 ft 155 gp
Rechargeable Silence 1 charge, rechargeable, RI 10 ft 155 gp
Standard Fireball 1 charge, disintegrates, RI 10 ft 131.25 gp
Explosive Fireball 1 charge, disintegrates, Explosive, RI 10 ft 333.75 gp
Rechargeable Stabilize 1 charge, rechargeable, RI 5 ft 540 gp

Grenade Template

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