Improved Bard

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The bard has always been the red-headed stepchild of the standard casting classes, and the Spell Points system reduces their effectiveness by comparison to other casters even more. To help rebalance this, the bard gains some additional class features.

Table: The Improved Bard
Level Additional Class Features
1 Collector of Stories, Metamagic Song
2 Versatile Performer, Rally Performance
4 Refine Performance (2d10 & 2d6)
5 Refine Performance (3d10)
6 Lyric Spell
7 Refine Performance (4d10 & 3d6)
10 Refine Performance (5d10)
11 Refine Performance (6d10 & 4d6)
13 Refine Performance (7d10)
16 Refine Performance (8d10 & 5d6)
17 Refine Performance (9d10)
19 Refine Performance (Maximum)

Collector of Stories: As soon as a bard has at least 2 ranks in any single Knowledge skill, he gains the Collector of Stories skill trick as a bonus skill trick. This does not count against his skill trick limit or limit per level.

If he already has the Collector of Stories skill trick before he would otherwise gain it here, he instead gains 2 extra skill points on taking his first level of bard, and the next skill trick he learns does not count against his normal limit or limit per level.

Metamagic Song: As soon as a bard has at least two metamagic feats, he automatically gains Metamagic Song (Races of Stone page 142) as a bonus feat.

Versatile Performer: A bard gains Versatile Performer as a bonus feat at 2nd level. (This ability changes appropriately if you change your intelligence bonus.)

Rally Performance (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a bard hones his skill as a public musician and can reroll a Perform check once per day, but only when attempting to impress audiences for the purpose of earning money. A bard must take the result of the reroll, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

Refine Performance (Ex): At 4th level, a bard learns how to make his performances more appealing to the public of a prosperous city and is considered to have rolled at least a 2 on each d10 or d6 when determining how much money was earned each day from a Perform check. At 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 16th, and 17th level, a bard is considered to have rolled 1 number higher on each d10 (for example, a least 3 at 5th level, at least 4 at 7th level, etc.). By extension, a bard is considered to have rolled at least 3 on each d6 at 7th level, at least 4 at 11th level, and at least 5 at 16th level. At 19th level, a bard earns the maximum amount of money for his performance.

Lyric Spell: At 6th level, a bard gains Lyric Spell (Complete Adventurer page 113) as a bonus feat. You may apply Metamagic Song if you have it (reducing the effective spell level) before applying Lyric Spell.

Improved Bard

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