Improved Factotum

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The factotum is one of the most powerful mundane classes in the game, and in this setting it can even gestalt! As such, a number of clarifications have to be made to bring this class back into balance.

Arcane Dilettante (Sp) Improvements: You are not a spellcaster from this ability, do not gain SP or ZP, and this ability does not benefit from the Daily-Use Recharging method. Further, the “casting time” of your spells (and powers, see below) is as-appropriate to the original spell. Spells that do dice of damage/healing that you cast from this ability are at their maximum caster level available as you are inherently paying that extra cost.

Psionic Dilettante (Ps): Starting at 3rd level, a factotum with the psionic subtype can choose powers from the psion/wilder list instead of (or in addition to) spells and manifest those powers as psi-like abilities. You’re still limited to how many you can have ready between spells and powers (they share the same resource), the maximum spell/power level available, resting requirements, forbidding XP costs, etc. The DC to resist these powers is 10 + power level + Int modifier. Your manifester level is equal to your factotum level. If your manifester level from factotum levels is high enough to afford some set of augments and metapsionic feats, you can apply that combination at the time you manifest the power.

Cunning Surge (Ex) Improvements: You can only use this ability once per round, and cannot use it to do anything that would spend Spell Points (SP), 0-Level Points (ZP), Power Points (PP), or Infusion Points (IP).

Improved Factotum

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