Improved Sorcerer

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The Spell Points (SP) system drastically reduces the effectiveness of the sorcerer in comparison to other casters. To help rebalance this, the sorcerer gains some additional class features that increase their overall flexibility.

Table: The Improved Sorcerer
Level Additional Class Features
1 Eschew Materials, Metamagic Access 0th 2/day
2 Magical Affinity, Metamagic Access 0th 3/day
3 Metamagic Access 0th 4/day
5 Metamagic Access 1st 1/day
6 Metamagic Access 1st 2/day
7 Metamagic Access 1st 3/day
8 Metamagic Access 1st 4/day
10 Metamagic Access 2nd 1/day
11 Metamagic Access 2nd 2/day
12 Metamagic Access 2nd 3/day
14 Metamagic Access 3rd 1/day
15 Metamagic Access 3rd 2/day
17 Metamagic Access 4th 1/day
19 Metamagic Access 6th 1/day

Eschew Materials: A sorcerer gains Eschew Materials as a bonus feat at 1st level. (Eschew Materials is a General feat)

Magical Affinity (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a sorcerer can identify a certain creature type during an encounter by virtue of inheriting his magical ability from a member of that creature type, even if the creature’s form or type has changed to something else. The type must include at least one creature with an arcane spell-like ability (such as dragon, magical beast, or outsider). Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. The sorcerer gains a +2 bonus on checks with the relevant Knowledge skill to identify such creatures, but he gains no insight about their special powers or vulnerabilities. See Knowledge on page 78 of the Player’s Handbook. Moreover, the sorcerer can make these Knowledge checks untrained. This bonus increases by +1 for each sorcerer level the character takes after 2nd level.

Metamagic Access

Your innate talent for magic enables you to experiment with your magic on the fly in limited amounts.

A certain number of times a day, a sorcerer can apply any metamagic feat he qualifies for of a certain spell level adjustment (regardless of whether he otherwise has access to it) to a spell he casts. All the standard rules for metamagic apply. The metamagic feat must be the kind that affects a specific spell. Metamagic applied through Metamagic Access counts when determining if a metamagic feat has already been applied to a spell. A sorcerer can apply any number of their daily uses of this feature on the same spell, and can expend a use of a higher level version of this feature on a lower level metamagic feat for which he qualifies.

If a metamagic feat specifies a limit on the number of times per day you can use it (such as Sudden Empower), you must normally follow that limitation as well when accessing it with Metamagic Access. However, if you also have it as an actual feat, its daily uses are separate from those granted by Metamagic Access (although you still can only apply its effects once per spell). Metamagic Access is essentially like having specialized free uses of the “Emulate Feat” option for action points without actually using an action point, and so you can bypass such a feat’s daily limit by spending an action point.

This feature can only be used on sorcerer spells.

The following table shows all relevant metamagic feats, ordered by their spell level adjustment. Quicken Spell and Sudden Quicken are not included because of the full-round action restriction on spontaneous casters.

Metamagic feats under the “Free” column do not have any prerequisites, and as-such are ideal to access through Metamagic Access. Metamagic feats in the “Any” column only require having any other metamagic feat (as an actual feat), and thus are very easy for a sorcerer to qualify for (or you can simply use an action point to emulate the prerequisite). Metamagic feats in the “Other” column have some other kind of prerequisite, and thus can be difficult for a sorcerer to access.

Metamagic in bold is in the SRD.

Table: Metamagic Feat Reference List by Level Adjustment
Free Any Other
  • Ghost-Touch Spell (Gh 34)
  • Heighten Spell
  • Relicguard Spell (D347 89)
  • Sudden Enlarge (MiH 28)
  • Sudden Extend (CAr 83)
  • Cooperative Spell (CAr 76)
  • Invisible Spell (CS 61)
  • Sanctum Spell (CAr 82)
  • Sudden Empower (CAr 83)
  • Sudden Maximize (CAr 83)
  • Sudden Silent (CAr 83)
  • Sudden Still (CAr 83)
  • Sudden Widen (CAr 83)
  • Born of the Three Thunders (CAr 76)
  • Black Lore of Moil (CAr 75)
  • City Magic (CS 59)
  • Energy Substitution (CAr 79)
  • Lord of the Uttercold (CAr 80)
  • Bend Spell (DC 93)
  • Blistering Spell (PH2 91)
  • Coercive Spell (DotU 47)
  • Deafening Spell (DotU 49)
  • Deceptive Spell (CS 60)
  • Enlarge Spell
  • Extend Spell
  • Fell Energy Spell (DC 98)
  • Fell Weaken (LM 27)
  • Fiery Spell (Sa 49)
  • Flash Frost Spell (PH2 91)
  • Forceful Spell (D358 87)
  • Fortify Spell (CAr 80)
  • Lingering Spell (CoR 20)
  • Piercing Cold (Fr 49)
  • Rapid Spell (CD 84)
  • Retributive Spell (CM 47)
  • Searing Spell (Sa 53)
  • Silent Spell
  • Slimy Spell (D358 87)
  • Song of the Dead (DC 108)
  • Still Spell
  • Transdimensional Spell (CAr 84)
  • Umbral Spell (DotU 52)
  • Sculpt Spell (CAr 83)
  • Selective Spell (ShS 21)
  • Clawed Spell (D315 25)
  • Consecrate Spell (CD 79)
  • Corrupt Spell (CD 79)
  • Energize Spell (LM 26)
  • Imbued Summoning (PH2 92)
  • Nonlethal Substitution (CAr 81)
  • Piercing Spell (D315 p26)
  • Purify Spell (BoED 44)
  • Smiting Spell (PH2 92)
  • Disrupting Spell (FC2 83)
  • Earthbound Spell (PH2 91)
  • Empower Spell
  • Entangling Spell (CoR 20)
  • Explosive Spell (CAr 79)
  • Fell Frighten (LM 27)
  • Reach Spell (CD 84)
  • Split Ray (CAr 83)
  • Enervate Spell (LM 26)
  • Ocular Spell (LoM 181)
  • Radiant Spell (D314 21)
  • Wounding Spell (LEoF 9)
  • Fell Animate (LM 26)
  • Guided Spell (DC 99)
  • Maximize Spell
  • Widen Spell
  • Chain Spell (CAr 76)
  • Delay Spell (CAr 77)
  • Repeat Spell (CAr 82)
  • Reaping Spell (CoR 21)
  • Twin Spell (CAr 84)
  • Energy Admixture (CAr 78)
  • Persistent Spell (CAr 81)

Metamagic Access Exceptions

Epic metamagic feats (such as Automatic Quicken Spell) cannot be accessed using Metamagic Access. Echoing Spell, Fell Drain, Sacred Spell, Violate Spell, Subdual Substitution, Energy Affinity, and Sudden Energy Affinity also cannot be accessed because they’re banned. Alternative Source Spell cannot be accessed because it can only affect prepared spell slots. Disguise Spell cannot be accessed because it’s a bard-centric metamagic feat. Imbued Healing cannot be accessed because errata clarified that it is not a metamagic feat.

Metamagic Access is not a feat, and does not treat the metamagic feats accessed through it as feats for the purposes of things that can interact with metamagic feats. Some examples of things that someone might want to (but can’t) have interact with Metamagic Access in this way include:

  • As a prerequisite for something (such as a feat)
  • Easy Metamagic (feat)
  • Practical Metamagic (feat)
  • Metamagic Specialist (alternative class feature)
  • Arcane Thesis (feat)
  • Heroic Metamagic (feat)
  • Augmented Casting (Ultimate Magus feature)
  • Spelldance (Spelldancer feature)
  • Sudden Metamagic (Recaster feature)
  • Vestige Metamagic (Anima Mage feature)
  • Metanode Spell (feat)
  • Residual Magic (feat)
  • Accelerate Metamagic (feat)
  • Metamagic School Focus (feat)
  • Metamagic Spell Trigger (feat)
  • Any Item Creation feat
  • Slaymate (creature)
Meta Analysis: Metamagic Access gives the Sorcerer nearly unfettered access to metamagic, producing a whole new aspect to the sorcerer fluff that better matches the nature of his inherent magic. Remember that “per day” abilities can be recovered with a short rest and through action points.

The “Energy Substitution” metamagic feat becomes a lot more desirable since you can pick the energy type each time you use Metamagic Access. Deafening Spell and Entangling Spell become highly desirable because they can can severely hamper spellcasters.

Improved Sorcerer

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