Improved Soulknife

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The soulknife has learned to form new connections to his mind blade and psionic potential.

Table: The Improved Soulknife
Level BAB Additional Class Features
1 +1 Hidden Talent 1st, Mind Blade Improvements
2 +2 Psychic Deflection, Multiple Throw Improvements
3 +3 Psychic Strike Improvements
4 +4 Deep Crystal Mind Blade
5 +5 Free Draw Improvements , Shape Mind Blade Improvements
6 +6 / +1 Hidden Talent 2nd, Mind blade enhancement +1
7 +7 / +2 Swift Mind Strike 1/day
8 +8 / +3 Swift Mind Strike 2/day
9 +9 / +4 Mind Blade Enhancement +2, Swift Mind Strike 3/day
10 +10 / +5 Swift Mind Strike 4/day
11 +11 / +6 / +1 Hidden Talent 3rd, Swift Mind Strike (Unlimited)
12 +12 / +7 / +2 Mind Blade Enhancement +3
13 +13 / +8 / +3
14 +14 / +9 / +4
15 +15 / +10 / +5 Mind Blade Enhancement +4
16 +16 / +11 / +6 / +1 Hidden Talent 4th
17 +17 / +12 / +7 / +2
18 +18 / +13 / +8 / +3 Mind Blade Enhancement +5
19 +19 / +14 / +9 / +4
20 +20 / +15 / +10 / +5

Hidden Talent: You gain the Hidden Talent feat instead of the Wild Talent feat at 1st level. You gain 2 psionic power points, can learn any psionic feat for which you meet the prerequisites, can gain and expend psionic focus, and gain a single 1st-level power from any class list. Your manifester level is your soulknife level. Normally the Hidden Talent feat can be taken only once at 1st level, but a soulknife can take this feat multiple times regardless of their level, each time gaining an additional 2 power points and another 1st-level power. Starting at the 6th, 11th, and 16th levels, you can select powers of higher levels (as per the table) any time you take the Hidden Talent feat again, granting power points equal to two times the number needed to manifest that power.

Mind Blade (Su) Improvements: You may materialize a mind blade as a free action combined with a regular move (much like drawing a weapon). If you have the shape mind blade ability and the Multiweapon Training feat, reshaping a mind blade into a form where something is in each hand (such as two identical short swords) can be done as a move action or as a free action combined with a regular move. You treat your mind blade as an Item Familiar (using your ECL or HD) that cannot be lost, cannot invest, and cannot gain abilities other than Sapience, Senses, Communication, Improved Senses, Increased Sapience, or Greater Senses. A mind blade familiar can only communicate or provide any benefit while materialized. Your mind blade is a part of your psyche and thus always matches your alignment, follows your instructions, and does not conflict with any other intelligent items you may own.

Psychic Deflection (Su): As an immediate action, you may dematerialize your mind blade to gain an insight bonus to AC equal to your soulknife level against a single attack.

Multiple Throw (Ex) Improvements: You can use the original multiple throw class feature (materializing multiple throwable mind blades as a free action for full attacks) a number of times per day equal to four times your number of “iterative” attacks from a high base attack bonus. If you have four iterative attacks or more, you can use this ability an unlimited number of times per day. You must still have at least two attacks from iteratives to actually throw multiple mind blades.

Psychic Strike (Su) Improvements: You can also empower it by expending your psionic focus.

Deep Crystal Mind Blade (Su): When you materialize your mind blade, you can grant it the properties of Deep Crystal. Any stored charge is lost if the mind blade dematerializes.

Free Draw (Su) Improvements: Remove the restriction on the number of times you can materialize a mind blade in a round.

Shape Mind Blade (Su) Improvements: A reshaped mind blade keeps that shape after it dissipates, so it can optionally have that shape the next time it’s instantiated.

Mind Blade Enhancement (Su): The enhancement improves every three levels beyond 6th instead of every four levels.

Swift Mind Strike: At 7th level you gain Swift Mind Strike feat (CPsi p57) as a bonus feat. Every level thereafter you gain an additional use per day of Swift Mind Strike until 11th level, at which point you can use the ability an unlimited number of times per day.

Improved Soulknife

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