Infusion Points

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Table: Infusion Point Costs
Infusion Level Infusion Point Cost
1 1
2 3
3 5
4 7
5 9
6 11

The artificer and the psionic artificer do not have a number of infusions per day. Instead, they have “Infusion Points” (IP) per day. Infusions cost the same in points as spells and powers of their level.

Bonus Infusion Points and Bonus Infusions

Any artificer who would normally receive bonus infusions for a high intelligence score receives bonus IP instead. In effect, the character can simply imbue more infusions each day.

Determining the number of bonus IP gained from a high intelligence score is calculated identically to the number of bonus Spell Points (SP) a spellcaster would get for a high ability score (except they’re bonus IP instead of SP).

Regaining Infusion Points

Artificers regain lost IP whenever they could normally regain infusions. Doing this requires the same amount of rest and preparation or concentration time as normal. Without this period of rest and mental preparation, the artificer’s mind isn’t ready to regain its power. IP are not divorced from the body; they are part of it. Using IP is mentally tiring, and without the requisite period of rest, they do not regenerate. Any IP spent within the last 8 hours count against a character’s daily limit and aren’t regained.

Artificers can also rest for a short period to recover IP, but at a slower rate. This is Auto-Regen where the character must rest for the relevant period of time, and even then Auto-Regen stops at 2/3 their normal maximum.

Infusion Points

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