Item Clarifications

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In-general, always use the latest version (by publishing date) of a given item. For example, always use the Magic Item Compendium version of the Torc of Power Preservation.

Weapons in General

You can wield the butt of any non-reach polearm as a quarterstaff. However, this does not allow you to treat the polearm as a double weapon. You can wield the butt of a simple or martial non-reach polearm as half of a double weapon by treating the polearm as one proficiency category more complex than normal. For example, you can wield a spear (a simple weapon) as a martial double weapon where the butt is as a quarterstaff.

You can wield any simple or martial two-handed non-reach polearm one-handed by treating the polearm as one proficiency category more complex than normal. For example, you can wield a spear (a two-handed simple weapon) one-handed as a martial weapon. It must still be held two-handed to be wielded as a double weapon.


(SoS 140)

A darklight allows the user to control the relative level of light and shadow in an area, rendering the surroundings as bright as day or as dark as night.

Description: A darklight consists of a black wireframe resembling a small lantern, within which a slate-gray crystal hangs.
When a darklight is activated, the crystal turns a molten black (when decreasing the level of ambient light) or a brilliant ice-white (when increasing the level of ambient light). Because a darklight adjusts the level of ambient light already in an area, it does not glow or give off any other sign that it is the source of the change in light levels.

Prerequisite: A darklight must be imbued with psionic energy in order to function.

Activation: Imbuing a darklight with psionic power is a standard action. Controlling a darklight is a free action for the character holding it. A darklight can be used for 24 hours per power point imbued into it, and it can hold a maximum of 7 power points at any time. The level of light can be adjusted (or the darklight disabled or enabled) with a mental command. A darklight does not use its stored power while disabled.

Effect: A darklight works by adjusting the levels of ambient light in an area either gradually or instantaneously. A darklight affects an 80-foot radius and can be set to one of four settings. The light and shadow created by a darklight is not magical or psionic in nature, and so can be overcome by any source of magical or psionic light or shadow.

No Light: In areas of bright light or shadowy illumina­tion, a darklight can decrease the level of ambient light to total darkness.

Shadow: In areas of darkness or bright light, a darklight can increase or decrease the ambient light to the level of starlight or other shadowy illumination. In areas of total darkness, a darklight amplifies latent heat energy (however faint) to provide normal visible light.

Bright Light: A darklight can increase shadowy illumination to the bright light given off by a lantern or torch.

Beacon: A darklight can raise the level of bright light to extreme brightness, causing creatures in the area (including the user if he doesn’t close his eyes) to be dazzled for a round unless they make a DC 14 Fortitude save.

Aura/Manifester Level: Faint psychokinesis. ML 3rd.

Construction: Craft Universal Item, control light (EPH 87), 250 gp, 20 XP, 5 days.

Variants: In the cities of Riedra, darklights are not hand­held devices but are embedded into the structure of the buildings themselves. As a result, the streets of Riedran cities seem to glow with a light that has no real source, as ambient starlight and moonlight are amplified to near-daylight levels. Chosen are typically tasked with charging and regulating these communal darklights on a regular basis.

Weight: 1 lb.

Price: 500gp.


In the Dorje description, it says

The manifester level of a dorje cannot be more than five higher than the minimum manifester level to use the power it contains.

But in the “Creating Psionic Items” section, it says

Alternatively, if you want to have a higher manifester level in the dorje, you must pay for the dorje as if the power was one level higher for each additional two manifester levels you want. For example, energy missile is a 2nd-level kineticist power with a minimum manifester level of 3rd. If you wanted to make a dorje of energy missile with a manifester level of 8th (five higher than the minimum), you would pay for the creation of the dorje as if energy missile was a 5th-level power.

It’s poorly worded, but what this really means is that using this alternative raises the minimum manifester level of the power for the purposes of item creation, thus allowing you to effectively exceed the +5 ML limit imposed on all dorjes. For example, the energy missile dorje described in the quote above could be further augmented to ML 13 and thus have a market price of 8×13×750=78,000gp. It would still be a 2nd-level power for the purposes of manifesting it, but the manifester level (and thus the augment limit) would be ML 13 instead of ML 8.

The proof that this is what was meant is in the pricing for the listed psicrowns (which have the same “alternative crafting” rule). For example, the Astral Legion psicrown’s only power is Astral Construct, a 1st-level power with minimum of ML 1 and a crafting maximum of ML 6. Bump the crafting maximum ML to the listed 18 and bring the minimum manifester level along for the ride (ML 13, or the minimum manifester level of a 7th-level power), and you get 375gp×7×18=47250gp (the exact price of the Astral Legion psicrown).


Psicrowns apply their cost progression in order by power, not by level group, so if you have a psicrown with a progression of 4th/4th/4th/4th, the 100% cost applies to the first, 75% cost applies to the second, and 50% cost applies to the rest. Psicrowns have the same “alternative crafting” rule as dorjes, so the same house rule that applies to dorjes also applies to psicrowns, but only to the first (highest) psicrown power in the progression.

Item Clarifications

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