Magic Variants

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Energy Recovery Overview

In a nutshell: Non-mundane energies are recovered faster than normal, to compensate for a fast-paced game.

Spellcasters, Psionicists, and Artificers recover their abilities far faster than normal, but in different ways from eachother.

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Daily-Use Recharging

In a nutshell: Abilities marked “per day” recover when you rest a short period.

To compensate for the 15min workday and to the increased play speed, we must rethink how “daily” abilities work.

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Increased Essentia Capacity

Table: Increased Essentia Capacity
Character Level Essentia Capacity
1st–5th 2
6th–11th 3
12th–17th 4
18th–20th 5

Meldshaping by its nature has evolved slightly. Replace Table 2-1 (Essentia Capacity) in Magic of Incarnum (page 19) with the following table. This is not the same as the Improved Essentia Capacity feat (as that feat only benefits incarnum feats), this is instead a flat +1 to the capacity of all incarnum receptacles.

Infusion Points

The artificer and the psionic artificer do not have a number of infusions per day. Instead, they have “infusion points” per day.

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Meldshaping is Different

Meldshaping in some ways is different from both spellcasting and psionics. Spells, spell-like abilities, and magic items that don’t explicitly state they affect soulmelds but could potentially affect soulmelds do not affect soulmelds. When the rule about soulmeld–magic opacity is in effect, it has certain ramifications.

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Psionics is Different

The standard psionics system treats psionic energy and magic as mutually and equally vulnerable to dispel magic or dispel psionics. Spell resistance protects against powers just as it protects against spells, while power resistance protects against spells as it does against powers. Likewise, spells that protect against mind-affecting effects work against mind-affecting powers and vice versa.

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Spell Points

Spellcasting has changed drastically and now uses a highly-thematic points system.

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Magic Variants

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