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Manikins are humanoid- sheen hybrids created by a machine cyst in order to study biological life. Many of these attempts at merging biological and machine life fail horribly, but the occasional experiment yields a functional being. These manikins are allowed to return to their former lives, but all are hard-wired with a compulsion to return to the cyst of their creation at some time in the future.

Manikins are released to the location of their initial capture with no immediate memory of the previous four weeks. Besides the replacement of its lower torso with a sheen chassis, the manikin is assaulted by brief memories of horrible pain, banks of blinding lights, armies of sheens, and miles of subterranean metallic tunnels. The manikin also becomes aware of the dormant compulsion that, when activated, will force it to return to the cyst, where its accumulated experience will be dissected and downloaded by the merciless consciousness of the machine.

A manikin appears humanoid from the waist up but is all sheen below. Usually, the sheen chassis attached to the biological component is a simple two-or-three-footed walker. Sometimes the chassis of a small roller is used instead, and possibly even that of a ground-effect drifter. Manikins unable to hide their modification beneath voluminous robes or other camouflage are greeted with distrust in locales unfamiliar with sheens, and outright fear and murderous hate in locales previously visited with sheen pestilence.

Hyperion society witnessed these horrors appearing more and more frequently in recent decades. In response, Hyperion scientists reverse-engineered the manikin creation process, making it available to the public. Usually this medical procedure is done in response to a tragic accident or to thwart a terminal illness, but more and more Hyperions are opting to gain a cybernetic body as a form of transhumanism.

Creating a Manikin

“Manikin” is an acquired template that can be added to any humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature.) A manikin has all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Manikin is an unrestricted +0 template for those that qualify, just like the Hyperion and Dragonborn templates.

Size and Type: The creature’s type changes to construct (living). Do not recalculate base attack bonus, saves, or skill points. Size is unchanged. The base creature’s skin color becomes desaturated.

Hit Dice: Current and future Hit Dice are unchanged.

Speed: The base speed of a manikin given a walker chassis is unchanged. A manikin with a roller chassis or ground-effect drifter chassis gain modifications to speed as detailed in special qualities.

Electrically Charged (Ex): Manikins are partially powered by electricity. A manikin normally carries enough charges to function for up to one month (30 charges). After this time, the manikin becomes inert until recharged (see below).

Defensive Field (Su): A manikin’s chassis automatically generates a physical protective field. This grants the manikin damage reduction 1/- and resistance to acid 1, cold 1, electricity 1, fire 1, and sonic 1. The defensive field can prevent up to 16 points of damage per day.

Resistance to Energy (Ex): A manikin gains resistance to electricity 5, applied after its Defensive Field ability.

Magic Susceptibility (Ex): Manikins have vulnerability (+50% damage) to damaging magic, applied after its Defensive Field and Resistance to Energy abilities.

Organization: Same as the base creature.
Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.
Treasure: Same as the base creature.
Alignment: Same as the base creature.
Advancement: Same as the base creature.
Level Adjustment: See below.

Manikin Chassis Options

A manikin always has one of the following chassis. The material of the chassis consists of a nonmagnetic fibrous substance equivalent in construction to the base creature’s original flesh, albeit with a silver coloring and luster.

Two-Legged Walker Chassis (Ex): A manikin with a two-legged walker chassis gains a +2 bonus to jump checks, but cannot take the run action.
Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +0.

Three-Legged Walker Chassis (Ex): A manikin with a three-legged walker chassis gains the normal +2 to CMD vs overrun and trip. However, they cannot take the run action, suffer a -2 penalty to jump checks, and another -2 penalty to jump checks done without a running start.
Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +0.

Roller Chassis (Ex): A manikin with a roller chassis has his lower torso and legs replaced with a set of four struts that end in wheels. These wheels grant a form of all-terrain travel, and ignore all movement penalties based upon terrain (such as ice, undergrowth, etc.). The construction of the struts is too rigid to grant the normal +4 to CMD vs overrun and trip, but otherwise does not impede their movement.
Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +0.

Ground-Effect Drifter Chassis (Ex): A manikin with a ground-effect drifter chassis has replaced his lower torso and legs with a ovoid hover unit. A ground-effect drifter chassis doesn’t actually fly, but floats just above the ground at its land speed. As a result, it is not subject to ground terrain effects, such as ice or a grease spell, but it is subject to winds as if it were a flying creature.
Level Adjustment: Same as the base creature +1.

Hyperion-Specific Manikin Abilities

You do not need to have the Hyperion template to gain this template, but you do need to have Hyperion citizenship, have spent at least a year on a major Hyperion world, and either an affluent background, loss of your legs, or terminal illness (gaining this template cures the illness).

Rapid Repair (Ex): A manikin that rests for 2 full hours repairs 1 point of damage, so long as it has at least 1 hit point. Rapid repair does not allow a manikin to regrow or reattach lost body parts. A character can assist a manikin’s self-repair with a Craft (metalworking) check (DC 15). If the check is successful, the manikin instead repairs 1 hit point per hour of rest. Providing assistance to the manikin counts as light activity for the assisting character, and a character can assist only one manikin at a time. A manikin cannot assist its own repair.

Recharge (Ex): A manikin can recharge with solar energy. To do so, it must remain motionless and take no actions while exposed to natural sunlight. For every four hours it does so, it recharges 1 charge. Alternatively, a manikin can recharge if exposed to electricity damage. An attack that deals electricity damage restores 1 charge for every 5 points of damage the attack deals (or would otherwise deal, if stopped by the manikin’s resistance to electricity). For example, a manikin hit by a lightning bolt gains 3 charges if the attack deals 15 points of damage, even though the manikin takes only 9 points of damage after its resistance is applied. Regardless of the amount of electricity damage directed at a manikin, it cannot exceed its normal maximum of 30 charges.

Sheen-Specific Manikin Abilities

Sheen Living Construct (Ex): Sheens, unlike other living constructs, are immune to death effects, necromancy effects, and mind-influencing effects.

Countermand Sheen (Su): Upon becoming fused with the machine mind, sheen manikins gain insight on the workings of sheen control systems, allowing them to affect sheen in close proximity. This functions as the cleric’s rebuke undead ability, except it only applies to sheens, and the affected sheens simply stand still rather than cower. Treat the manikin as a cleric of a level equal to the sheen manikin’s total Hit Dice. Any feats, abilities, or magic that affect rebuke undead also affect countermand sheen. Thus, the sheen manikin may take the Extra Turning feat to gain additional daily uses of countermand sheen.

Rapid Repair (Ex): As the Hyperion-specific Repair ability, but a only requires 1 full hour of rest to repair 1 point of damage, and with assistance repairs 2 points per hour.

Recharge (Ex): As the Hyperion-specific Recharge ability, but it only requires two hours of motionless solar exposure to recover 1 charge. Additionally, within a machine cyst, a sheen manikin may fully recharge after one hour of inactivity. However, returning to a machine cyst guarantees nearly certain doom for a sheen manikin.

Resistance is Futile (Ex): Each month, a sheen manikin must succeed on a Will save or be compelled to return to the sheen cyst for dissection and disassembly. On a failed save, the manikin returns to the cyst by the most direct route available. If the path leads into a dangerous area (through flame, off a cliff, or the like), the manikin may detour around the dangerous area. Other than movement, returning manikins can take no actions other than to defend themselves.

The save DC is 10 plus the number of previous successful saves (that is, DC 10 after 1 month, DC 11 after 2 months, DC 12 after 3 months, etc., assuming successful saves). At the DM’s discretion, a successful save may trigger the cyst to dispatch sheens to return the manikin to the cyst by force.

Manikin Template

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