Meldshaping is Different

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Meldshaping in some ways is different from both spellcasting and psionics. Spells, spell-like abilities, and magic items that don’t explicitly state they affect soulmelds but could potentially affect soulmelds do not affect soulmelds. When the rule about soulmeld–magic opacity is in effect, it has the following ramifications:

  • Spell resistance is ineffective against any soulmeld used to affect a creature other than the meldshaper. A meldshaper’s spell resistance (if any) is irrelevant so far as his own soulmelds.
  • Dispel magic and spells of that nature (and their psionic counterparts) do nothing to soulmelds unless the text of the spell specifically says it can affect soulmelds (such as with suppress magic, unshape soulmeld, or soulmeld disjunction).
  • Detect magic and spells of that nature (and their psionic counterparts) do not detect soulmelds (although visually the soulmeld may be obvious to an onlooker as not mundane).
  • Dead magic areas and antimagic effects do nothing to soulmelds (but a soulbanned zone effect works normally).
  • Item creation feats don’t work for the purposes of creating meldshaping-related items. There is new feat, Meldcrafter , which removes this restriction. Meldshaping classes get Meldcrafter as a bonus feat at their first class level. Your meldshaper level counts as an equivalent caster/manifester level for the purposes of taking item creation feats, but if you don’t otherwise have an appropriate caster/manifester level, you can only use those feats to create meldshaping-related items.
  • You can still invest essentia in magic and psionic items as normal.
  • You can still bind chakras to magic and psionic items as normal.

Meldshaping is Different

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