Psionics is Different

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The standard psionics system treats psionic energy and magic as mutually and equally vulnerable to dispel magic or dispel psionics. Spell resistance protects against powers just as it protects against spells, while power resistance protects against spells as it does against powers. Likewise, spells that protect against mind-affecting effects work against mind-affecting powers and vice versa. This setting instead uses the following:

Psi-Like Abilities as Spell-Like Abilities: While psi-like abilities are very similar to spell-like abilities in many ways (such as provoking an attack of opportunity), Psi-Like Abilities are NOT considered a spell-like ability in every way, which means among other things that they cannot be affected by Empower Spell-Like Ability or Quicken Spell-Like Ability. There are now new feats for those purposes, such as “Empower Psi-Like Ability” and “Quicken Psi-Like Ability”.

Dispelling: Dispel magic has no effect when cast against any psionic power, ability, or item. Likewise, dispel psionics is only so much noise and light when manifested against a magical spell, effect, or item.

Mind-Affecting Spells and Powers: Spells and special abilities that protect the mind against enchantments cannot protect against psionic versions of the same effects. For instance, elves do not gain the +2 bonus on their Will saves against psionic charm that they do against magical charm person. Creatures protected from telepathy powers are vulnerable to enchantments.

Antimagic/Null Psionic Effects: Antimagic field does not hinder psionics, nor does null psionics field disrupt or suppress magic within its area.

Spell Resistance and Power Resistance: A demon’s spell resistance is no good against even minor powers manifested by a 1st-level psionic character (although saving throws apply as normal). Especially powerful psionic creatures have power resistance, which works against targeted powers but is useless against targeted spells.

Creature “Evolution”: In a world where psionic powers work but where spell resistance won’t protect against a power, and where you can be reasonably certain to get around a 10 on a roll, powerful creatures must have both spell resistance and power resistance or quickly become extinct. Creatures with any spell resistance or power resistance from their racial features or inherited templates (but not classes and other sources) have those racial resistances boosted by 5. Such creatures that then have a racial spell resistance 6 or higher and no power resistance gain power resistance equal to their racial spell resistance minus 5 (and vice versa for power resistance 6 or higher with no spell resistance, but either way this does not further increase any racial resistances based on hit dice). PCs with SR or PR have these as a roll modifier.

Specialty Spells and Powers: Specialty spells and powers must exist that allow the disparate energies to manipulate each other on a limited scale. However, anything that directly converts spells or powers into the other kind of energy is banned. The mental pinnacle spell is fine, but the dweomer of transference spell is not.

Damage Reduction and Incorporeal Immunity: Psionic weapons still bypass damage reduction listed as excluding “magic”, and are treated as magic weapons for the purposes of incorporeal creature immunity.

Psionics is Different

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