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This chapter describes races and race variants that are unique to the Hyperion Voyages campaign setting, although they don’t have to be used in just this setting.

Races of Hyperion Space

The following LA+0 races are equally common in Hyperion Space (SRD/OGL races in bold). References to each one can be found in this Race Choices document. Subraces are common too, such as Air Gnomes, which are often space-faring because they don’t breathe.

  • Human (see also Humanlike Races)
    • Aventi
    • Azurin
    • Complacent Human
    • Deep Imaskari
    • Elan
    • Extaminar
    • Illumian
    • Kalashtar
    • Mongrelfolk
    • Neanderthal
    • Sea Kin
    • Silverbrow Human
    • Underfolk
    • Vasharan
  • Jermlaine
  • Kenku
  • Khepri
  • Killoren
  • Kobold
  • Krinth
  • Krynn Minotaur
  • Lupin
  • Maenad
  • Muckdweller
  • Neraphim
  • Nezumi
  • Orc
  • Phanaton
  • Lesser Aasimar
  • Lesser Genasi
  • Lesser Tiefling
  • Raptoran
  • Rilkan
  • Shifter
  • Skarns
  • Spellscale
  • Spiker
  • Spirit Folk
  • Synad
  • Tibbit
  • T’kel
  • Tortle
  • Vanara
  • Warforged
  • Xeph

In addition to these races, many more exist that have a level adjustment and/or racial hit dice, but they’re simply less common. Of these other races, the following are more common than others:

  • Dromite (+1 LA, halved to +1/2 LA; Ant-like; XPH p6)
  • Duergar (+1 LA, halved to +1/2 LA; Dark Dwarves; XPH p8; Racial Class available in CP p144)
  • Githyanki (+2 LA, halved to +1 LA; Caustic Gith; XPH p10; Racial Class available in CP p146)
  • Githzerai (+2 LA, halved to +1 LA; Ascetic Gith; XPH p11; Racial Class available in CP p147)
  • Half-Giant (+1 LA, halved to +1/2 LA; XPH p12; Racial Class available in CP p148)
  • Thri-kreen (2 RHD + 2 LA, halved to 2 RHD + 1 LA; Mantis-like; XPH p14; Racial Class available in CP p149)

Living Construct Subtype Changes

A living construct is a new subtype of construct, a created being given sentience and free will through powerful and complex creation enchantments. Living constructs combine aspects of both constructs and living creatures, as detailed below.

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Hyperion Template

Characters can choose to start with a Hyperion origin. This means that they grew up on a planet that’s a part of the Hyperion Federation.

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Manikin Template

Manikins are humanoid- sheen hybrids created by a machine cyst in order to study biological life. Many of these attempts at merging biological and machine life fail horribly, but the occasional experiment yields a functional being. Hyperions have reverse-engineered the sheen’s manikin creation process.

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