Regaining Relevant Knowledge

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While the ability to identify a creature remains constant when travelling, other aspects of the knowledge skill branches can (at your GM’s discretion) easily become irrelevant in a new area such as a new country, a new continent, or a new planet. For a simple fact, you might be able to ask a native about it, but to update your knowledge for the new area, you must have access to a well-stocked library (or similarly comprehensive source of relevant knowledge) pertinent to that area and spend time researching that branch of knowledge. Until you do this, you cannot make Knowledge checks to remember that information (because you don’t know it in the first place).

To “regain” the full benefits of your ranks in a specific knowledge skill for a new area, you must make a complex Gather Information check for each rank you possess in each field of Knowledge (you can only regain a rank after regaining the previous rank). These checks use your Intelligence modifier but use your Gather Information ranks as normal and take 2 hours per check. Bonuses to Gather Information that would make sense in a library can apply to these checks, and allies and a Ring of Research (City of Splendors: Waterdeep, page 148) can aid you. You must succeed 4 times before 3 failures for each rank regained, but failing this complex check has no consequences other than wasting your time. The GM may increase the number of required successes by 1 or 2 if the library is not truly “comprehensive”.

You can interrupt your research, but you must return to your research within 12 hours of stopping or your efforts for that complex check are lost. If you stop in the middle of the time taken for a particular check, you must restart the time spent on that check once you return to your research. You cannot research effectively while fatigued or exhausted.

Even after successful research, until you regain a 5th rank you take a penalty on that kind of knowledge check (unless it’s to identify a creature).

Table: Regaining Relevant Knowledge
To regain the full benefits of Knowledge rank… …you must succeed against Gather Information DC… …and afterward the Knowledge penalty is…
1 12 -8
2 14 -6
3 16 -4
4 18 -2
5 20
etc. etc.

If you simply want to regain the ability to make untrained Knowledge checks where the DC is 10 or less, you must go through the same kind of research, except the Gather Information DC is 10 and afterward the Intelligence check penalty is -10.

Regaining Relevant Knowledge

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