Skill Advantages

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In a nutshell: To give skill ranks more meaning, in various circumstances you’ll add your number of ranks in a skill to a roll.

Skill synergies no longer have prerequisites and don’t grant the same benefit. Instead, at any time you can add half your ranks in the benefactor skill of a synergy as a bonus to checks made for the benefitted purpose of the synergy. Only the original skill’s ranks make a check trained.

When doing this… …with this… …add half your ranks in this skill!
Anything Bardic Knowledge Class Ability Knowledge (History)
Turn Undead checks Turn Undead Class Ability Knowledge (Religion)
Anything Wild Empathy Class Ability Handle Animal
When examining a related object Appraise checks Craft
Anything Autohypnosis checks Concentration
Anything Balance checks Tumble
Climbing rope Climb checks Use Rope
Anything Diplomacy checks Bluff
Anything Diplomacy checks Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)
Anything Diplomacy checks Sense Motive
When you know you’re being observed Disguise checks Bluff
Escaping rope restraints Escape Artist checks Use Rope
Anything Gather Information checks Knowledge (Local)
Anything Heal checks Profession (Doctor)
Anything Intimidate checks Bluff
Anything Jump checks Tumble
Hacking Knowledge (Hypertechnology) checks Decipher Script
Using non-Hyperion advanced technology (but not ancient hypertechnology) Knowledge (Hypertechnology) checks (ranks are halved) sum of: Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering), Knowledge (Xenolore)
Anything Knowledge (Nature) checks Survival
Anything Knowledge (Psionics) checks Autohypnosis
Anything Psicraft checks Knowledge (Psionics)
Address power stones Psicraft checks Use Psionic Device
Anything related to riding an animal Ride checks Handle Animal
Find secret doors and compartments Search checks Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering)
Anything Sleight of Hand Checks checks Bluff
Anything Spellcraft checks Knowledge (Arcana)
Decipher spells on scrolls Spellcraft checks Use Magic Device
Getting lost in an area you know Survival checks Knowledge (Geography)
Getting lost in an area you know Survival checks Knowledge (Local)
Anything above ground Survival checks Knowledge (Nature)
Anything underground Survival checks Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
On other planes Survival checks Knowledge (The Planes)
Following tracks Survival checks Search
Avoiding getting lost Survival checks Knowledge (Geography)
Anything Truespeak checks any two combined of: Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (The Planes)
Anything Tumble checks Jump
Anything related to scrolls Use Magic Device checks Decipher Script
Anything related to scrolls Use Magic Device checks Spellcraft
Hacking Use Magic Device checks Open Lock
Anything related to power stones Use Psionic Device checks Psicraft
Binding someone with rope Use Rope checks Escape Artist

Additionally, you can add your skill ranks to the following circumstances:

When doing this… …add this many… …of this… …to this!
“Fighting Defensively” option all your ranks Tumble as a dodge bonus to AC (max +4) on top of the normal +2 dodge bonus to AC (and -4 to attacks)
“Total Defense” action twice your ranks Tumble as a dodge bonus to AC (max +8) on top of the normal +4 dodge bonus to AC (and can’t make AoOs)
Provoke AoO for making a ranged attack all your combined ranks Balance and Tumble as a dodge bonus to AC (max +4) against that AoO
Weakening Strike ability ( Battle Dancers or Monks) all your ranks relevant Knowledge skill initial damage

Ancient Hypertechnology

Ancient forms of hypertechnology can be found on rare occasion. Understanding and use of this technology is only partially associated with your other knowledge skills. It’s thus more a matter of intuition than memory to understand and use ancient Hypertechnology.

Your number of ranks applicable to checks to understand or use ancient technology is half of your combined ranks in:

  • Knowledge (Arcana),
  • Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering),
  • Knowledge (Hypertechnology), and
  • Knowledge (Xenolore).

If half of your combined ranks is at least 1, you can make checks regarding ancient hypertechnology (this is an exception to the normal rule for skill advantages). These checks use your wisdom bonus or your intelligence bonus, whichever is higher.

Skill Advantages

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