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Source: Magic of Faerûn, page 17

Spellfire is refined, controlled, raw magic. In beneficent manifestations, it appears as a font of silver light and healing energy. In battle, it is a searing blue-white jet of all-consuming radiance. Spellfire in its basic form is described in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, and that information is expanded here.

The supernatural ability known as spellfire is thought by many to be unique to a single person each generation, but recent information indicates that this is a fallacy, and that spellfire wielders are more common than originally thought. People born with the ability to use spellfire have the Spellfire Wielder feat.

A person gifted with spellfire can perform amazing deeds, depending upon their skill, talent, and the amount of magical energy they have within them at the time. In general, spellfire can be used to heal, create blasts of destructive fire, or absorb magical effects it contacts, although the exact effects vary by circumstance and user. Talented wielders have developed the ability to release multiple blasts at once or even fly (see the spellfire channeler prestige class).

Absorbing Spell Energy

A spellfire wielder can at-will choose to absorb spells or spell-like abilities targeted at them as if they were a rod of absorption. The magic absorbed must be a single-target effect or a ray directed at either the character or their gear, and does not require readying an action. The spellfire wielder can instantly detect a spell’s level as they absorb that spell’s energy. The spellfire wielder gains one level of spellfire energy for every spell level absorbed and can store a number of spellfire energy levels equal to their Constitution score. If the spellfire wielder has reached their limit, they cannot absorb spells until they expend some of their stored spellfire energy levels.

If an incoming spell effect has a greater number of spell levels than the spellfire wielder can currently store, they absorb spell levels up to their limit, and the remaining spell levels are divided by the original number of spell levels to determine what fraction of the effect gets through (as with the spell turning spell, except that the caster of the spell is never at risk of being harmed).

If the spellfire wielder’s Constitution decreases so that their number of stored spellfire levels is greater than their current Constitution, the excess levels discharge at a random creature in range as destructive spellfire (see below).

Stored spellfire energy levels are unavailable in an antimagic field, but are not lost. Once the wielder is out of the antimagic field, the spellfire energy levels are again available for use. Dispel magic and similar effects cannot negate stored spellfire energy levels. A character with stored levels radiates magic as if he were an item with a caster level equal to his number of stored levels.

Using Spellfire

As an attack action, a spellfire wielder may expend stored spellfire energy levels as a melee touch or ranged touch attack (maximum range 400 feet), dealing 1d6 points of spellfire damage per level expended (melee has no save, ranged is Reflex half, DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Charisma modifier). You can only expend up to as many spell levels at-once offensively as double your hit dice as a ranged touch attack, or triple your hit dice as a melee touch attack. To attack more than once you must make a full-attack.

Spellfire damage is half fire damage and half raw magical power. Creatures with immunity, resistance, or protection against fire effects apply these to half of the damage, but not the other half. A creature can choose “spellfire” as a weapon for the purpose of the Weapon Focus feat. You are considered armed while you have spell levels stored, and can make attacks of opportunity with spellfire.

A spellfire wielder can heal a target by touch, restoring 2 hit points per spellfire energy level expended for this purpose. You can expend as many spell levels to heal as you have available, regardless of your hit dice. This is not considered positive energy, so it does not injure undead.

Unlike most supernatural abilities, spellfire is affected by spells and magic items that affect spell-like abilities, such as a rod of absorption or rod of negation (if pointed at the manifestation rather than the wielder). It can be thwarted or counterspelled by dispel magic, and theoretically a spellfire wielder could counterspell another’s spellfire. However, spellfire is a supernatural ability and does not provoke an attack of opportunity when used, nor is it subject to spell resistance.


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